Start Of SOLO Spring Summer - Covid Warning

SOLO is getting ready to welcome new swimmers in the pool.

In working with Menlo Swim and Sport:

 Informing Swimmers and Families In changing guidelines for our youth swim teams, coaches will be communication with families regarding the increase risk from moving from 1 swimmer per lane to up to 3 per lane. Each family will be notified of the state and county modifications and if any changes need to me made to day to day operations.

Coaches will also notify Families, Team Sheeper and the City of Menlo Park of any Covid19 issues arise. 

Upon arriving at the facility swimmers will line up at the front entrance of the pool where there will be lines for them to stand on a dot to stage for their turn to come into the facility. All social distancing guidelines will be adhered to or the swimmer may be ask to leave to include. 1. Wearing a facemask until about to get into pool 2. Stay 6 feet apart from each other including staff 3. If any swimmer is feeling Ill they will not be permited to enter the facility or workout.

SOLO provides equipment, but swimmers must bring the things with then to each workout!