July 2021 News



*There will be practice on July 5th. 

*Please declare for the swim meet on Thursday, July 8th. Deadline is July 6th. Thank you!

*We will need timers for Thursday's meet. It is easy and gives you good seats. :) 

*Swim-a-thon pledge sheets are available to pick up at practice.

*The coaches have been working with small groups on different strokes/techniques during practice, but we have an opportunity to enhance this even more! We have an unique opportunity this year. The pool and coaches are more available than most years. Anna and Halle are available for one-on-one lessons. This would be good for younger swimmers who have not yet learned every stroke or older swimmers who would like to work more specifically on a stroke or technique. Lessons are $15/half hour lesson. Payment is due before the lesson. Times are limited. These lessons are for JAWS swimmers only!