Practice for the week of Sept 27

Swimmers and Parents,

The SHS Pool is still waiting for the final permits, so we have a revised schedule again this week. Since we are working with Recreation (and the programming they scheduled thinking the SHS Pool would be open), we have needed to make a few modifications. The first home High School meet is on Wednesday, which affects many group. We will go to the "normal" schedule as soon as SHS opens up, so please check your emails for any updates.

Here are a few notes (and the schedule below):

1. FSL-Red are on M/F

2. FSL-Black are normal M, early W, and later on F since we needed to move FSL-Red on Friday
3. AG are M/T/TH/F, and 45 min on M/T/Th
4. AGP are off Wed and early on Sat since we have a meet
5. 13/14 are MWF, and early on Wed
6. 13/14, 13/14 P, and HSB have no practice on Saturday, but there is a meet for those who have signed up
    27-Sep   28-Sep   29-Sep   30-Sep   1-Oct     2-Oct 3-Oct
FSL-Red (M/W)   5:15-6:00         5:15-6:00    
FSL-Red (T/Th)     4:50-5:30    4:50-5:30      
FSL-Black (9&U)   6:00-6:45     4:00-4:30     6:00-6:45    
FSL-Black (10&O)   6:45-7:30     4:30-5:00     6:45-7:30    
AG   5:30-6:15   5:30-6:15     5:30-6:15   5:30-6:30    
AGP   5:15-6:15   5:15-6:15     5:15-6:15   5:30-6:30   7:45-9:00  
13/14   6:16-7:15     3:45-5:00     6:30-7:45   RA Meet  
13/14 P   6:15-7:15   6:15-7:15   3:45-5:00   6:15-7:15   6:30-7:45   RA Meet  
HSB   6:15-7:30   6:15-7:30    3:45-5:00   6:15-7:30   6:30-7:45   RA Meet