AquaZot Swimmers Excel at Santa Clara during NACC


            This year, the North American Challenge Cup was located in Santa Clara, California.  For those unfamiliar with this meet, swimmers from Southern California Swimming are selected based on their rankings by event and age group to compete against 4 teams: the Canadian National Team, the Mexican National Team, Pacific Northwest, and Pacific Swimming.  The 5 Azot swimmers that were chosen to compete at this meet were Connor & Kendall Brown, Molly Jubas, and Justin & Timmy Hanson.

            Thursday evening, Justin Hanson and Connor Brown went 5-6 in the 11-12 boy’s 200 free.  In the 15-16 girl’s 400 IM, Kendall Brown got 2nd.  Justin Hanson took the bronze in the 100 fly, while Molly Jubas got 6th in the 17-18 girl’s 200 breast.  The 2nd place SCS boy’s 400 free relay “A” team was led by Connor Brown, with Justin Hanson on the 5th place “B” team.

             Justin Hanson and Connor Brown again battled it out, this time in the 400 free, Brown placing 4th and Hanson placing 7th.  Justin then proceeded to take the silver in the 200 fly.  Molly Jubas took 4th place in the 400 free.  The boy’s 200 free relay was next, with Connor Brown and the “A” relay taking 3rd.

            On the final day of the meet, Justin Hanson, Connor Brown, and Tim Hanson all placed in the 1500 free, going 2-7-8.  Congratulations especially to Tim Hanson on a great time while swimming his first mile!  Kendall Brown captured the bronze for 15-16 girl’s 800 free, while Molly Jubas got 4th in the 17-18 girl’s 800 free.  Justin Hanson took 7th place in the 200 IM.  In the boy’s 400 medley relay, butterflier Justin Hanson and the “A” relay took the bronze, while freestyler Connor Brown, butterflier Tim Hanson, and the “B” relay finished a respectable 6th.

            AZOT would like to congratulate all of these swimmers on being chosen to represent Southern California Swimming and the USA!  Aquazot swimmers contributed as part of the SCS Team in the closest competition ever against the leading Canadian National Team and ended up second place overall!  GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!!