Hawaii Anyone? Seventeen AquaZot Swimmers Compete At Junior Nationals


Hawaii Anyone?  Seventeen AquaZot Swimmers Compete At Junior Nationals

Relay team smashes NAG records


            The Junior Nationals were held at the William Woollett Jr Aquatic complex August 9-13 with a spot on the USA Junior Pan Pacific team and a trip to Hawaii on the line.  The Junior Pan Pac team will face off against national teams from Canada , Australia and Japan among others.

            In the first event of the competition, Megan Rankin swam a 2:21.78 to take 82nd in the 200 Fly while Kendall Brown placed 103rd with a 2:23.23.  Michael Hauss had a strong swim on the Men’s side with a 2:06.29 good for 39th and Chris Wong swam to a 69th place finish (2:07.80).

            Also on Monday Casey Mims followed up a 3rd place finish in prelims with a new AZOT record time in the championship finals to take the bronze and 16 team points in the Women’s 200 Breast with a time of 2:30.52.  Brooke Wanser returned to swim at night as well finishing 19th in the bonus finals with a 2:36.51.  For the men, Cameron Price swam to a 94th place finish in 2:28.42.

            In the 800 Free, Megan Rankin swam an 8:57.71 good for 25th.  Silken Jones had a strong 800 swim to finish 43rd with a 9:02.03 and Casey Duckworth took 85th in 9:20.94.

            Monday’s final event saw Logan Redondo finish 51st and Michael Hauss finish 83rd in the Mens’ 1500 with times of 16:16.55 and 16:34.71.

            On Tuesday in the Women’s 400 IM Kendall Brown was the top AZOT finisher taking 36th with a time of 5:00.74.  Casey Duckworth was 94th in a 5:08.32, Sarah Furgatch took 102nd(5:09.26) and Casey Mims was 112th(5:10.87).  In the Men’s 400 IM Corey Okubo was 86th with a 4:40.87, Garrett Larson placed 117th(4:45.74) and Cameron Price finished 120th(4:47.33).

            Next up in the Women’s 100 free Dayae Choi took 90th in a 58.82 and Stephanie Schlobohm was 158th(1:00.30).  Michael Hauss had another strong swim to get 71st in the Men’s 100 free with a 53.22, Chris Wong took 86th in a 53.51 and Garrett Larson was 133rd(54.96).

            Stephanie Schlobohm swam a 2:29.43 in the Women’s 200 Back for a 139th place finish.  For the men, Logan Redondo was 39th with a 2:08.75, Joshua Smith finished 78th(2:10.49) and Corey Okubo placed 101st(2:12.48).

            Tuesday night’s relays saw the AZOT ‘A’ team of Andrea Reigel, Megan Rankin, Dayae Choi and Jaime Dang garner 2 team points with a 16th place finish(3:57.47) in the 4 X 100 free and the ‘B’ team of Silken Jones, Stephanie Schlobohm, Daniela Georges and Morgan Sprosty get 31st(3:59.74). 

            The men’s foursome of Michael Hauss, Chris Wong, Logan Redondo and Joshua Smith tore up the water for an 8th place finish and 22 team points in a team, SCS and NAG record time of 3:31.43!  They broke the 24-year-old SCS 4 X 100 free relay record by an incredible 8.47 seconds and the 25-year-old NAG record by 1.53 seconds!

            Casey Duckworth was the lone AZOT in the women’s 400 free on Wednesday finishing in a time of 4:31.15 for 101st place.  Logan Redondo and Michael Hauss swam on the men’s side finishing 55th(4:04.44) and 134th(4:10.53).

            In the 100fly Dayae Choi took 115th(1:04.78), Morgan Sprosty got 122nd(1:04.87) and Casey Mims finished 155th(1:06.34).  Chris Wong placed 85th with a 57.70 on the men’s side.

            Logan Redondo, Chris Wong, Joshua Smith and Michael Hauss blazed through the 4 X 200 free relay on Wednesday night setting another NAG record with a time of 7:39.77!  They bettered the old SCS record by more than 10 seconds and erased the 13-year-old NAG record by almost 8 seconds!  They also picked up 28 more team points with their 5th place finish.

            Thursday started with the women’s 200 free where Dayae Choi finished in 2:07.95 good for 92nd position followed by teammates Sarah Furgatch in 120th(2:08.93) and Silken Jones in 145th(2:10.39).  In the men’s 200 free Michael Hauss set an AZOT record with a time of 1:54.25 in prelims.  He came back in the bonus finals to take 24th place.  Logan Redondo and Chris Wong  took 45th(1:55.25) and 68th(1:56.10).

            Casey Mims reached the consolation finals in the 100 breast taking 15th and scoring 2 more team points with a time of 1:12.73.  Sarah Furgatch took 98th with a 1:16.30 while Garrett Larson was the lone AZOT on the men’s side coming in 101st(1:08.59).

            The final prelim on Thursday featured Stephanie Schlobohm and Morgan Sprosty in the women’s 100 back finishing 115th(1:07.64) and 133rd(1:08.41).  Joshua Smith took 48th for the men with a 59.90 and Chris Wong placed 129th(1:02.57).

            In the women’s 4 X 200 free relay on Thursday night the AZOT ‘A’ team of Megan Rankin, Andrea Reigel, Dayae Choi and Sarah Furgatch picked up 8 team points with a 13th place finish in a time of 8:28.00.  The’B’ relay with Silken, Jaime, Daniela and Stephanie took 31st(8:41.43).

            The last day of competition opened with the 200IM where Brooke Wanser took 105th with a 2:25.98 followed by Casey Mims and Casey Duckworth finishing in 122nd(2:26.92) and 141st(2:29.19).  Garrett Larson gained an appearance in the men’s 200 IM bonus final finishing 22nd with a 2:09.74.  Chris Wong took 67th(2:11.33) and Corey Okubo finished 110th(2:12.99).

            The 50 free saw Dayae Choi post a time of 27.77 good for 114th and Silken Jones take 133rd(28.43).

            Kendall Brown swam the 1500 in a time of 17:39.31 for a 55th place finish.

            In the final prelim of the meet, Logan Redondo took 60th in the men’s 800 with a 8:32.06 and Michael Hauss finished 120th(8:46.51).

            Friday night’s relays featured a 21st place finish by the women’s ‘A’ team of Stephanie Schlobohm, Casey Mims, Megan Rankin and Dayae Choi swimming the 4 X 100 medley in a time of 4:24.25.  Morgan Sprosty, Brooke Wanser, Brynne Wong and Silken Jones took 33rd(4:28.48) on the women’s ‘B’ relay.  Joshua Smith, Garrett Larson, Chris Wong and Michael Hauss placed 29th on the men’s side in 4:02.22.

            Overall, the AZOT men tallied 50 points to finish 22nd and the women garnered 28 points for 33rd place.  Aloha!