CAT Meet Update & Info


CAT Travel Meet

Nov. 6-7, 2010


For the 5th year in a row we’ll be venturing into the heart of the Willamette Valley for our annual tri-meet with Corvallis Aquatic Team, and Team Eugene. Travel meets are one of the great opportunities that year-round swimming offers.  The camaraderie and friendships that can develop on an away meet like this can last a lifetime.  Also, the team spirit and an ability to learn how to race outside your comfort zone against new and fast competition will better prepare BCST swimmers for future challenging meets.

11 & Older BCST swimmers will be traveling by bus Saturday November 6th to Oregon . After spending the night in a hotel, we will compete Sunday the 7th, with Corvallis Aquatic Team and Team Eugene.  Both are traditional powers in Oregon , and they will push our team’s abilities.  Following the meet, we’ll have lunch then return home. 

Since we’ll be traveling by bus, we will be using coaches and chaperones to take care of the swimmers.  Because we’re using coaches and chaperones as guardians, we are only allowing swimmers ages 11 & older to ride the bus and stay under our supervision throughout the meet.  Athletes 10 & under are more than welcome to attend this meet, but they will need to travel with their families. 11 & Older swimmers are welcome to travel with their families as well, but we strongly encourage their traveling with the team.

 In order to be placed on the bus and provided a hotel room, swimmers need to turn in a “CAT Travel Meet Entry Form” along with a check in the amount of $130.00 made out to the Bellevue Club Swim Team Boosters .  This low price is credited to the financial assistance from the BCST Boosters.  The $130.00 covers transportation, hotel, and 3 meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch).  Entries are due by October 18th, 2010.

 Please go to the Meet/Events section of the website to download the CAT meet travel form.  Turn all completed “Travel Meet” forms into the “Blue Box” in the swim team office.