Blue-Orange Meet Results!
2010 Blue/Orange Meet

Tensions ran high the morning of October 3rd as swimmers, parents, and coaches returned to the familiar confines of Hazen High School for the 32nd annual Bellevue Club Swim Team Blue/Orange meet. 

Led by Hall of Famer Klaas Schenk, and supported by his loyal assistants Dwight Anderson, Brett Bogachus, and Brenda Tomtan-Brayman, the Orange team came to the pool determined to erase the painful memory of last years stinging, bitter defeat. The Blue team, headed by Andy Pym and assisted by Dwayne Stewart, Karen Dugan, and Marissa Chang, strode proudly onto the pool deck, still riding the wave of confidence gained by the previous year’s unlikely upset victory. 

From the first splash of the morning to the final touch of the touch pads, the racing was fierce and competitive. In the end, though, the Orange team’s thirst for revenge proved to great an obstacle for the Blue team to overcome. By a final score of 2,892-2,779 the Orange team emerged as the 2010 Blue/Orange meet champions.

Congratulations to everyone for a great meet. Judging by how many swimmers achieved 100% best times, you can see how far we’ve come since last short course season. Great way to start the season BCST swimmers!!!
A huge thankyou to the BCST Booster Club parents for hosting this meet. Special recognition to the meet directors: Jenny Litzow, Melissa Ralph and Laurie Raisys. Additional thanks of course, go to the numerous meet officials headed in this meet by Meet Referee Connie Sholdra.

Those who achieved 100% best times were: Sean An, Haley Barthel, Anastasia Bondarenko, sofie Broznowski, Jimmy Butler, Jonathan Butler, Ella Buysse, Hannah Castrogiovanni, Brooke Chang, David Conger, JJ Conger, Aiyana Cooney, Casey Daw, Conner Daw, Willie Dittig, Aaron Elhajj, Kennedy Elhajj, Vlad Elizarov, Kellen Gibson, Amelia Girotto, Chelsey Guhlke, Rahul Gupta, Andrew Hanson, Annabelle Hasselbeck, Cameron Hayes, Jacob Hepp, Reese Khosrow, Emily Kim, Ryan Lei, Tiffany Li, Ruben Luthra, Nolan Manning, Megan McCarthy, Spencer McCulloh, Madisen Mead, Lindsay Metz, Abby Montgomery, Gracie Montgomery, Haley Mowat, Leo Ngo, Angela Palant, Maithili Patel, Michael Peck, Killian Riley, Sydney Seto, Graeme Sharp, David Sherrer, Samantha Shin, Emily Swaya, Max Thornton, Carly Tudor, Joelle Tudor, Blake Ueda, Karsyn Wallace, Sarah Walsh, Phillip Wang, Derek Wei, Spencer Weiskopf, Ben Whitty, Dane Williams, Ryland Williams, Emma Wineland, Samantha Wineland, Emma Wrightson, Martin Wu

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High Point Awards:
8 and under girls: Nathalie Valdman           13-14 girls: CC Hagen
8 and under boys: David Sherrer               13-14 boys: Ed Kim     
9-10 girls: Kellen Gibson                            15-18 girls: Lily Morris
9-10 boys: Alex Elizarov                            15-18 boys: Steve Sholdra
11-12 girls: Elisa Fang
11-12 boys: David Conger