Aquazots at the STOP BRW Meet


Aquazots Dominate at the STOP meet


Aquazots made their presence known at the recent STOP meet. In many of the 13 and over boys’ events, they took the top four places, if not the top eight! The younger boys finished the meet with many blue times. The girls also won in many events throughout the meet, holding their own in the top eight in others. The performance of the team shows much promise for the short course season!


Some highlights of the meet are as follows:


Girls 8&under

Ava Kurtz  25yd freestyle 5th(26.38)

Milan Bever 50yd freestyle 4th(1:00.72);25yd butterfly 4th(35.14)

Yen Dang 50yd freestyle 6th(1:30.13);50yd backstroke 4th(1:33.88)

An Dang 25yd freestyle 5th(20.05)

Stephanie Lin 25yd freestyle (18.82); 50 freestyle 6th (41.17); 25yd backstroke(21.78);50 butterfly 5th(49.76)

Yi-Ann Li 25yd freestyle (18.52); 25yd backstroke (21.35); 50 breaststroke 6th(52.83)

Anna Wilde 50yd freestyle 1st(36.09); 50 backstroke 1st(39.62); 25yd butterfly 1st(17.57)


Girls 10&under

Leora Rose 50yd backstroke 6th(39.20);100yd butterfly 6th(1:29.81)

Bella Mesiwala Jung 50yd backstroke 3rd(38.52); 100 backstroke 5th(1:23.36)

Samantha Colleran 50yd breaststroke 3rd(42.15); 100yd breaststroke 6th(1:32.78); 200IM 5th(3:01.56)


Girls 11-12

Nicole Lin 50yd freestyle 2nd(27.82); 100yd freestyle 1st(1:00.49); 200yd freestyle 2nd(2:12.24); 50 breaststroke 1st(35.10);100yd IM 1st(1:08.39);200 IM 1st(2:27.12)

Princes Ferguson-Nguyen 50yd freestyle 3rd(27.88)

Sydney Okubo 100 backstroke 5th(1:11.65); 100yd IM 4th(1:12.80); 200yd IM 5th(2:33.80)

Diana Zhang 50yd backstroke 7th(35.27)

Gabbie Brown 50yd breaststroke 5th(38.08); 100yd breaststroke 8th(1:24.69)

Devon Cooper 50yd breaststroke 8th(38.95);200yd IM 4th(2:33.56)

Wynn Maloney 200yd backstroke 6th(2:14.70)

Elysia Ouyang 100yd breaststroke 1st(1:18.31); 200yd breaststroke 1st(2:45.00); 200yd IM 6th(2:33.88)


Girls 13-14

Karli Thuen 50 freestyle 1st(26.13); 100yd freestyle 1st(56.35); 200yd freestyle 2nd(2:01.23); 100yd backstroke 2nd(1:04.24)

Brittany Kahn 50 freestyle 2nd(26.64);200yd freestyle 1st(2:01.22);100yd backstroke 1st(1:02.23)

Alexandra Namba 50 freestyle 6th(28.23); 100yd butterfly 3rd(1:08.62)

Jamie Wilson 100yd freestyle 3rd(1:00.46);200yd freestyle 5th(2:11.97);100yd backstroke 6th(1:10.38); 100yd butterfly (1:08.69)

Natalie Wilde 200yd backstroke 2nd(2:25.74)


Girls 15&over

Hollace Barden 50yd freestyle 1st(25.12);100yd freestyle 1st(54.52);200yd freestyle 1st(2:02.63)

Brooke Wanser 100yd freestyle 4th(57.81);100yd backstroke 1st(1:04.88); 200yd butterfly 1st(2:25.75)

Taylor Wise 200yd backstroke 2nd(2:24.47); 100yd breaststroke 3rd(1:17.89); 200yd breaststroke 3rd(2:48.49)

Kennedy Wells 100yd breaststroke 2nd(1:16.82)


Boys 8&under

Bryce Do 25yd freestyle 2nd(22.00);25yd backstroke 2nd(24.28); 50yd backstroke 5th(56.42)

Declan Edwards 25yd breaststroke4th(29.83);25yd butterfly 6th(27.98)

Hunter Kroll 50yd freestyle 3rd(42.96); 25yd breaststroke 5th(31.25)


Boys 10&under

Henry Wilde 50 freestyle 1st(28.67); 200yd freestyle 1st(2:11.73); 100yd backstroke 1st(1:11.43)

Grant Sheen 50 freestyle 6th(32.06);100yd freestyle 4th(1:10.55); 200yd freestyle 4th(2:27.68); 50yd backstroke 2nd(38.70); 100yd backstroke 3rd(1:20.97); 100yd butterfly 5th(1:25.82)

Shin Takahashi 100yd freestyle 6th(1:15.48);50yd breaststroke 6th(47.21)

Jason Schreiber 100yd freestyle 7th(1:16.93);50yd backstroke 3rd(39.72); 100yd breaststroke 5th(1:37.13);100yd butterfly 4th(1:24.87)

Long Dang 50yd backstroke 6th(40.87); 50yd breaststroke 2nd(40.79); 100yd breaststroke 2nd(1:30.35)


Boys 11-12

Ryan Do 50yd freestyle 2nd(26.70); 100yd backstroke 2nd(1:03.08); 200yd backstroke 1st(2:17.09);100yd breaststroke 1st(1:12.11); 200yd breaststroke 1st(2:36.03)

Andrew Knoell 200yd freestyle 3rd(2:12.88); 100yd IM 4th(1:10.28)

Sean Messer 50 breaststroke 5th(42.41)

Chase Braun 100yd backstroke 4th(1:11.76); 50yd butterfly 8th(33.12)

Tien Dang 100yd butterfly 6th(1:20.00)


Boys 13-14

Samuel Lee 50yd freestyle 1st(23.14);100yd freestyle 1st(51.83);200yd backstroke 2nd (2:17.91)

Thomas Smith 50yd freestyle 2nd(24.62);100yd freestyle 3rd(54.61);100yd breaststroke 2nd(1:07.85)

Tyler Lin 50yd freestyle 3rd(24.66); 100yd freestyle 4th(54.91); 100yd breaststroke 1st(1:07.08)

Stephen Yang 100yd backstroke 4th(1:05.96);200yd butterfly 4th(2:22.81)

Danny Tran 200yd backstroke 1st(2:15.02)

Devon Gavigan 200yd backstroke 4th (2:22.27)

Connor Brown 100yd Butterfly 6th(1:04.23); 200yd butterfly 3rd(2:22.53)

Danny Robertson 200yd IM 8th(2:19.03)


Boys 15&over

Brett Maus 50 yd freestyle 1st(23.20); 100yd freestyle 1st(50.90); 200yd freestyle 2nd(1:51.86); 100yd butterfly 4th(1:01.10)

Michael Schiffer 50yd freestyle 2nd(23.79);200yd breaststroke 1st(2:13.97); 100yd butterfly 2nd(58.07)

Corey Okubo 200yd freestyle 1st(1:48.03); 200yd breaststroke 2nd(2:14.71)

Kevin Wang 100yd breaststroke 1st(1:07.59);200yd breaststroke 4th(2:28.70); 100yd butterfly 3rd(1:00.79)

James Liao 100yd breaststroke 7th(1:17.17); 200yd IM 8th(2:21.76)

Josh Smith 200yd breaststroke 5th(2:30.46); 100yd butterfly 1st(55.08); 400yd IM 1st(4:22.46)


Way to go Aquazots!