2010 Girls HS State Championships

The Bellevue Club high school Girls had strong performances at this year’s HS State Championships.  14 swimmers from BCST qualified & competed in individual events, with 13 making finals.

At the 2A level we had CC Hagen and Savannah Lemke compete.  CC swam for Interlake HS and helped the team to a hard fought second place finish in State.

CC Hagen (FR)                        Interlake

100 Free                                  5th place

100 Breast                               7th place

Savannah Lemke (SR)           Lindberg

200 IM                                      14th Place

500 Free

At the 3A level is where the majority of the BC Swimmers participate, like Kelly Holton, Lynden Kuwada, Amy LeBar, Madelyn Mooers, and Sam Simas.  Masami Cookson, Caitlin Cox, Danielle Deiparine, Alex Seidel, and Lindsay White all swam for Mercer Island HS which took home first place in the state.

Masami Cookson (SO)            Mercer Island

200 Free                                  16th place

100 Fly

Caitlin Cox (FR)                       Mercer Island

200 Free                                  12th Place

100 Back                                 8th Place

Danielle Deiparine (SO)         Mercer Island

200 IM                                       12th Place

100 Breast                               9th Place

Kelly Holton (SR)                     Bellevue

100 Breast                               10th

Lynden Kuwada (JR)               Sammamish

200 IM

100 Back                                 9th

Amy LeBar (SO)                      Hazen

200 Free

Madelyn Mooers (SR)              Bellevue

100 Fly                                    15th

100 Back

Alex Seidel (FR)                       Mercer Island

50 Free                                    16th

100 Free                                  13th

Samantha Simas (SR)               Sammamish

200 Free                                  13th

100 Fly                                    13th

Lindsay White (SO)                  Mercer Island

500 Free                                  15th

Finally the 4A swimmers.  Meghan O’Keefe and Caroline Van Maren.  Both swimmers were on the top teams in the state.  Meghan swims for Skyline HS (1st) and Caroline for Newport HS (2nd).  They both performed well, but unfortunately for Caroline, she was disqualified in finals after an incredible swim in prelims.

Meghan O’Keefe (JR)              Skyline

100Fly                                     5th

500 Free                                  4th

Caroline Van Maren              Newport

100 Breast

Congratulations girls.