Important Meet Info!!
Important Info about Meets, Meet Participation and Meet Signups!!

To begin, the BCST preliminary meet schedule for the entire swim year (Sept–Aug, 2010-11) has been posted on our website. To access the calendar, Click here
The following was discussed briefly at the Fall Picnic and Membership meeting.
The BCST annually establishes ‘Three distinct Seasons for Competition’
·         September thru December
·         January thru March
·         April thru July/August

Each season finishes with a championship meet for ALL LEVELS.
·         Novice Age Group
·         Advance Age Group
·         Age group Championships (Association-Regional-Sectional)
·         Senior Championships (Association-Regional-Sectional)
·         National Championships (Junior and Senior)

Each season BCST coaches prepare swimmers for the opportunity to participate in a championship! 
·         Swimmers are trained and prepared physically and mentally for peak performance at these meets. In terms of enabling swimmers to maximize performance it is important that they be allowed to prepare for and compete in THEIR Championships. It is important to avoid conflicts at these times.

For those of you familiar with summer league programs such MIDLAKES, missing B-Champs or A-Champs would be a disappointment for most kids, not to mention parents. The same is true for USA Swimming (Pacific Northwest Swimming, etc.).

Why Championships!
·         Simply put IT’S FUN!
·         Perhaps think of it as an Opportunity to see if all the effort that the swimmers, plus the parents and the coaches, have put in is actually showing results. Are the kids improving? Are they demonstrating better strokes, more efficient strokes, faster times, good sportsmanship, being good teammates, good friends, goal setting, exposure to and bouncing back from temporary disappointment, being compassionate, equating effort and commitment with achieving goals, becoming leaders, etc. Think of it as a celebration of all the above and then some.


We are now at that time when the kids (with parental and coaches’ help) will be registering for their Championship Meets.

Coach Andy has posted on our website a helpful summary of the Championship meets coming up. Please read it ASAP as the deadlines for signup begin Monday, November 21, 2010.

Championship Meet Signups Deadlines:
·         Division Champs                           Deadline: Monday, November 21, 2010
·         PNS 14 & under Champs               Deadline: Monday, November 29, 2010
·         Washington State Champs            Deadline: Monday, November 29, 2010 

If you need help please write or contact your coach today.