2010 Initial Rankings Posted

As the season goes on we like to compile the top performances of the swimmers and rank them.  Below are links to our first batch. Periodically they will be updated and posted on the “Rankings” page under the “Times and Awards” tab on our web site.

We have two different sets of rankings.  The first is Senior Top Ten, which is the ten best times in “Senior” events regardless of age.

Senior Top Ten as of 11/29/10

The Second is the Age Group Tope Five.  This shows the top 5 times for swimmers 8& younger, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14.

Age Group Top Five as of 11/29/10

We’re still early into the season, and these rankings will get faster as the season progresses.  This early ranking gives swimmers some perspective on where they are with their performances to date.  And for those swimmers not listed it provides something to shoot for.