January Challenge Warmup Info
WAVE  January Challenge Meet – January 15-16, 2011
·        Juanita Aquatic Center at Juanita High School

The meet is ‘packed’ with 418 swimmers.

The host team has made a number of adjustments to help make the meet run smooth and fast. However, the number of swimmers remains the same.

Here’s the plan for the Bellevue Club:
1.   Arrive on time if you want a place to sit. You know it gets crowded at Juanita pool.
2.   It’s a fast pool. Plan to swim fast.
3.   There are 4 swim sessions. Know what session your age places you in.
·        Saturday
                                          i.    Session – 1       10 & under girls and 12 & under boys
·        Warm up 8:00am
·        Meet 9:00am
                                         ii.    Session – 2       11 & over girls and 13 & over boys
·        Warm up 1:55pm
·        Meet 2:55pm
·        Sunday
                                          i.    Session – 3       11 & over boys and 13 & over girls
·        Warm-up 8:00am
·        Meet 9:00am
                                         ii.    Session – 4       12 & under girls and 10 & under boys
·        Warm-up 1:15pm
·        Meet 2:15pm

Arrive on time if you want a reasonably good place to sit.
·        7:30am is a reasonable time to arrive for the morning groups
·        Arriving early may get you a good place to sit for the next 4 hours.

We will probably have assigned warm-up times. Either way…..arrive early.
·        For the BC 8 & unders we will try to get your warm-ups in the shallow pool. You will be able to get starts in the competition pool following your warm up. We’ll know more at the meet. It will all work out.
·        Have a FUN meet and swim fast!!

The complete, estimated timeline for the meet is posted on our website.