All invited: First MH Board meeting of the season!‏

 Hello from the Marine Hills Pool!

I have an invitation, and a request for help:

First, I would like to invite any interested members to attend the first Board meeting for the 2011 season this Thursday:

Thurs, Jan 20, 2011
30134 3rd Pl S
Federal Way, WA 98003

If you would like to get the latest updates on the pool operations, or you have some great ideas for programs, fundraisers, or anything else, this is the best forum to hear and be heard!
The meetings are usually pretty fun, with wine and snacks.

Secondly, I need to ask for some help: We have critical position open on the board, which needs to be filled in order to keep the pool running this year:

  • Treasurer/Bookkeeper

I have spent a lot of time and energy over the past year to greatly simplify the operation of the pool finances, so this position will require FAR less time than it has in the past. Here are some of the changes we are making to simplify this role:

  • We are splitting up some of the work (see below)
  • Computerizing our candy and clothing sales receipts, so that there will only be a USB memory stick with the weekly sales that needs to be loaded into Quickbooks each week! This will eliminate a lot of the time consuming cash processing (whew!)
  • Computerizing much of the membership processing. With our new website (!), we have the option of accepting credit card payments on the website, which should reduce the # of checks that need to be deposited each week. We are still evaluating the feasibility of this option.

We are going to ask for volunteers to help with the following tasks, in order to keep the treasurer role manageable:

  • Payroll - a colunteer to help set up the payroll system for the year (~10 hours of work for the pre-season, +1 hrs per month during the season) This is pretty straightforward web setup, although it helps to know a little about payroll and taxes.
  • Store set up - set up our list of prices for our candy & clothing sales (~7 hours of work for the pre-season +2 hrs per month during the season). We need to set  up an Excel spreadsheet with the items we are going to sell, and the prices we will charge, so we can build a set of bar codes. I am building and testing the system now - it is pretty cool!
  • Swim meet counting team - we need volunteers to count & deposit the money we take in at our home swim meets (about 1.5hr per meet per person with a 2-person team). This is an important source of revenue for the pool, and takes a bit of time. It will help to have volunteers who can lighten this load a bit !

The meeting is at Craig's house, this Thursday - hope to see you there!

Craig Woods
President, Marine Hills Board

Submitted by: Craig Woods

Contact Name: Craig Woods
Phone Number: 253.332.4519
Email Address: