General updates

From Coach Dave - Wow, things have happened in a blur this summer. If you count the beginning of summer as when the city schools got out then 45 days have gone by. Of those 45 days, I've been at swim meets (or traveling to and from meets) for 32 of those days. Those of you who have been on travel meets as a chaperone know that it is an early morning to late night commitment. So . . . I am currently on a little break.  

You will find an updated Calendar in the Calendars/practice link. I will soon be updating everything for the upcoming year including the Big Bear trip, Banquet Date, and Meet Schedule, as well as a recap on some of the recent championship meets.

Notes about Coaches: I left it up to my assistant coaches to let you know a little about their futures, but in case you haven't heard here's the breif synopsis: At the beginnig of the summer it looked as though We would be losing about 1/2 of our coaches. Nicole was going to stop coaching, AJ and Melissa were married and were going to move to Seattle, and Megan was leaving for College.  Well, Megan left for college. AJ and Melissa got married but are not going to move immediately, so they will be with us for the time being.

Nicole couldn't bear the thought of completely being out of coaching so she asked if we could work out a way where whe stayed in charge of her group (wrote workouts, picked events for meets, and was on deck for 3 days a week while having Catherine run her workouts the other 3 days. -- I said, let's give it a go and see how it works. I have known this to work well in some other teams, and hope that it will work for ours. We'll know in the next couple of months how this works for swimmers and coaches alike.

More news early next week.