BC Wins! Seahawks Win! Kids Have A Great Time!
MAC/BCST Dual Meet 1/8/11
BCST Wins! Seahawks win! Kids behave on bus!

Good times again as the Multnomah Aquatic Club hosted Bellevue Club as well as Oregon City Swim Team for a friendly little tri-meet between the teams. Bellevue Club swimmers loaded up the bus at 7:30 am for the three hour journey south to Portland. Kids played video games, texted, read books, gossiped, and watched movies to entertain themselves along the way. The kids did a great job of behaving and being respectful of the bus rules, although their taste in movies (“The Master of Disguise”) is in serious question.

It was a win-win day for the teams from Washington. Bellevue Club showed little signs of holiday rust, achieving an unprecedented 99% best times, with over 237 individual swims total. Of course most of that was due to the fact that very few of our swimmers had short course meter times in the first place, but still, the kids performed very well.

Matching the excitement in the pool was the Seahawks game, which was televised in the room next door. The meet ended in just enough time for us Washingtonians to huddle into the room and see Marshawn Lynch go into “beast mode” to ice the game for the Seahawks in their upset win over New Orleans.  

After the meet MAC had a pizza party to make sure nobody went home hungry. All in all it was a fun and successful day for the BCST swim team.  ‘Big Thanks' go to Jeff Lowell, Greg Prang, John Cross, Shelly Taylor, Michael Eggenberger and Debbie Dimmer for all their help with chaperoning.

Team Scores:      Click here for BCST Results!!

BCST 1522 MAC 725
BCST 1690 OCST 436
BCST 707   MAC 343
BCST 805   OCST 200
BCST 815  MAC 382
BCST 885   OCST 353