Getting Started on the New YMCA Registration Portal

Team Registration- step by step directions to get your team registered on the Northeast Regional website.

Coach Registration- step by step direcions to get your coaches registered.

Required Certifications for ALL YMCA Coaches- Everything you need to know about what you need for certifications as a coach in one place!

Y Principles Class Instructions- all coaches must have the Y Principles of Competitive Swimming and Diving class before they can be issue an on deck pass.  This is an online class.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETE THE WORKBOOK ASSOCIATED WITH THE COURSE.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete this class as the workbook required interviews with staff at your YMCA.

Safety Training for Swim Coaches- link to the information you need for the online STSC class.  It is a USA Swimming information site.  Test is done through the Red Cross.

Official's Requirements for YMCA Meets- find information here on what you need for officials for YMCA Dual and Sanction meets.

List of YMCA Officials- If you are looking for a YMCA official(s) in your area you can do so through the YMCA National website.

YMCA Sanctioned Meet Requirements- see what your meet needs in order to receive a YMCA Sanction

YMCA Sanction Request Procedure- click here to see how to complete a sanction request


YMCA Meet FAQ's- answers to commonly asked questions regarding YMCA Meets.

Rules That Govern

Swimming Addendum To The Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Sports- This booklet is a resource for all YMCA swimming programs. It outlines the rules, guidelines and best practices for the conduct of YMCA swimming programs of all sizes and competitive levels. It is updated yearly and made available on the YMCA Swimming and Diving website ( by November 1 of each season. This booklet is not the meet handbook for the YMCA National Championships, although portions of this booklet are included in those handbooks. All YMCA swimming coaches, program administrators and other YMCA employees who supervise swimming programs are responsible for knowing the information in this document. 

Program Guidelines and Best Practices- for YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Programs

USA Swimming Mini Rule Book- Technical swimming rules adopted by YMCA Swimming.