Team Info

The community of Maple Hills encompasses approximately 400 families. The center of this community is the community park, with the adjacent swimming pool. Supported through the efforts of the community each summer, the park and pool are the gathering place for family and friends. The summer youth swim team is one of the most popular gatherings for this community and a source of pride. For two months each summer, about 100 boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 18 work hard in order to represent their families and friends in friendly competition with other pools in the immediate vicinity. Each Tuesday and Thursday will find these hard-working kids engaged in the split-second, heart-pounding exertion of competitive swimming. On the pool deck the deafening roar of neighbors, families, and teammates offer support and encouragement for everyone to exceed their personal best and add to the team’s success. The end results are exuberant youth, and proud parents, relatives, and neighbors.

Members of this community started the Maple Hills Swim Team nearly 50 years ago. Through the years it has helped develop literally hundreds of community-minded citizens with strong character and a sense of worth that places them far ahead of their peers. The common thread is the effort that they extended as part of the swim team and community. Development of a sense of accomplishment that can be shared with their friends, teammates, and coaches will always remain with them and extend into other endeavors. The swim team is a significant source of community-based spirit. It is one of the things that makes this community stand together and realize how important it is to share time, thoughts, and efforts with those nearby. 

It is the declared goal or our team that the youth of this community will benefit through the building of character, pride, self-confidence, community spirit, a sense of accomplishment, and the feeling of belonging. These goals will be reached through the competitive sport of swimming. Each team member will develop a competitive spirit, make and meet attainable goals, and increase their level of physical conditioning. They will develop the ability to work with other children toward a common goal. 

The families of each of the team members will also benefit from the swim team. Through its volunteer program each family member becomes involved in the operation of the team, and its meets. Social and organizational gatherings throughout the year bring families, friends, and neighbors together and provide a wholesome atmosphere for our youth, in and out of the pool. These are the threads that build the fabric of the philosophy of the Maple Hills Swim Team.