Parent Info

Parent Info


Dear PST Parents and Swimmers,

Welcome!  We are so excited that you have chosen to become a part of this amazing team.  A USA Swimming registered affiliate, Piedmont Swim Team is dedicated to the support and development of well rounded, conscious athletes.  We affirm that our members’ talents extend far beyond the basic skill set needed in a competitive swimming environment and recognize each unique attributes as a platform for growth through the vehicle of competitive swimming.  Both in and out of the pool, our swimmers, coaches and families serve as ambassadors to the Piedmont community and greater USA Swimming Association.

Piedmont Swim Team utilizes three pool. The Piedmont Community Pool (PCP) in Piedmont, Montclair Swim Club (MSC) in Montclair and the Emeryville Center of Community Life Pool (ECCL) in Emeryville.  Though we share our space with other community programs, we utilize our time well!  Through a carefully orchestrated combination of diverse pool workouts,  dryland activities, goal setting, and sport related education, we our swimmers increase not only their speed in the water but also their focus, balance, and body connection.  In this way, PST swimmers are taught to push limits instead of set boundaries in the pool; to step outside of established comfort zones and take responsibility for their athletic careers.  They are encouraged to approach each day of training ready to receive with an open mind what is coming, and knowing that they may surprise themselves...and many do! 

As a member of PST, you can expect to become a part of contemporary training styles that will help you excel in swimming.  More importantly though, you will be a part of a team!  PST!!!  We look forward to sharing our knowledge, memories…and pool space, with you!!


PST Board and Coaches