SAC Octoberfest 2020

SAC Top Times as of 1/18/20

Last Chance Invitational 1/18/20

SAC vs MAC Boys 1/11/20

SAC vs MAC Girls 1/11/20

Odd Age Invitational Meet 1/5/20

SAC vs DCAA Boys 1/4/20

SAC vs LMOR Girls 1/4/20

SAC vs HHAA Boys 12/7/19

SAC vs HHAA Girls 12/7/19

North Penn Trophy Meet 11/24/19

SAC vs UDAC Girls 11/23/19

SAC vs UDAC Boys 11/23/19

SAC vs RAC Girls 11/16/19

SAC vs RAC Boys 11/16/19

SAC vs CBST Girls 11/9/19

SAC vs CBST Boys 11/9/19

SAC vs CCA Double Dual 11/2/19

SAC Time Trials 10/22/19

Swimmers' Times Report for the 2018-2019 Season

Girls League Champs 2/3/19

Boys League Champs 2/3/19

Central Division Boys and Girls Results 1/26/19

SAC vs Radnor Boys 1/12/19

SAC vs Radnor Girls 1/12/19

Odd Age Meet 1/6/19

SAC vs LMOR Girls 1/5/19

SAC vs DCAA Boys 1/5/19

SAC vs HHAA Girls 12/8/18

SAC vs HHAA Boys 12/8/18

SAC vs CCA Girls 12/1/18

SAC vs CCA Boys 12/1/18

North Penn Trophy Meet 11/18/18

SAC vs LMAC Girls 11/17/18

SAC vs LMAC Boys 11/17/18

SAC vs UDAC Boys 11/10/18

SAC vs UDAC Girls 11/10/18

SAC vs CBST Boys 11/3/18

SAC vs CBST Girls 11/3/18

SAC Time Trials 10/27/18

Odd Age Meet Results 1/7/18

SAC vs DCAA Boys 1/6/18

SAC vs CR Girls 1/6/18

SAC vs UDAC Boys 12/9/17

SAC vs UDAC Girls 12/9/17

SAC vs CCA Boys 12/2/17

SAC vs CCA Girls 12/2/17

North Penn Trophy Meet 11/19/17

SAC vs CBAC Boys 11/18/17

SAC vs CBAC Girls 11/18/17

SAC vs HHAA Boys 11/11/17

SAC vs HHAA Girls 11/11/17

SAC vs SWAC Boys 11/4/17

SAC vs SWAC Girls 11/4/17

Time Trials 10/28/17

Water Polo Program Description

Steps to Water Polo Registration

Girls Division Champs 1/28/17

Last Chance Invitational Meet Results 1/21/17

SAC vs LMAC Boys 1/14/17

SAC vs LMAC Girls 1/14/17

Odd Age Invitiational Meet Results 1/8/17

SAC vs DCAA Boys 1/7/17

SAC vs DCAA Girls 1/7/17

SAC vs SWAC Boys 12/10/16

SAC vs SWAC Girls 12/10/16

SAC vs UDAC Boys 12/3/16

SAC vs UDAC Girls 12/3/16

North Penn Trophy Meet Results 11/20/16

SAC vs CCA Boys Meet Results 11/19/16

SAC vs CCA Girls Meet Results 11/19/16

SAC vs HHAA Boys Meet Results 11/12/16

SAC vs HHAA Girls Meet Results 11/12/16 (Revised)

SAC vs CBAC Boys Meet Results 11/5/16

SAC vs CBAC Girls Meet Results 11/5/16

SAC Time Trials 10/29/16

SAC vs SWAC Boys Meet Results 11/7/15

SAC vs SWAC Girls Meet Results 11/7/15 

SAC vs HHAA Girls Meet Results 11/14/15

SAC vs HHAA Boys Meet Results 11/14/15 

SAC vs DCAA Girls Meet Results 11/21/15

SAC vs DCAA Boys Meet Results 11/21/15

North Penn Trophy Meet Results 11/22/15

SAC vs UDAC Girls Meet Results 12/5/15

SAC vs UDAC Boys Meet results 12/5/15

SAC vs CBAC Girls Meet Results 12/12/15

SAC vs CBAC Boys Meet Results 12/12/15

SAC vs CRSC Girls Meet Results 1/9/16

SAC vs CORE Boys Meet Results1/9/16

Odd Age Invitational Results 1/10/16

SAC vs PVAC Girls Meet Results 1/16/16

SAC vs PVAC Boys Meet Results 1/16/16

Central Division Championship Swimming Results 1/30/16

League Championship Swimming Results 2/6/16 - 2/7/16