Here are documents that you will need to register for and participate in HOT swim team!


Here are all the documents you will need to register for with the Hardin Otter Swim Team for the 2021 season!  Please print out and fill out the following forms to bring to our season kickoff event, or fill them out there with the forms that we will provide:

1. 2021 Outreach Athlete Application- (1 per swimmer), for swimmers enrolled in Hardin school districts, whether learning from school or distance learning through the school district. Home schooled swimmers (not enrolled) should complete the Seasonal Athlete application instead. 

2. HOT Goals and Agreements (1 per swimmer),

3. Parent Responsibilities and Emergency Contact (1 per family), 

4. Parent Release Form 2021 (1 per family). 

5. Hardin School District Enrollment Release (1 per family, school district swimmers only)

6. HOT Parent Handbook 2021-- please read this, as there are many changes for the current season!

If you miss the kickoff event, please contact us at [email protected] and we will walk you through the process of joining the team.


1. Requisition Form -For reimbursements, salary, and team expenses, please complete a Requisition Form and submit to the Treasurer along with any receipts.

2. Draft Letter of Concern- Hardin Otter Team is a place for athletes to feel safe, challenged, and supported to do their best. Bullying is not part of our team culture. Each athlete signs an agreement at the beginning of the season promising to respect themself, their fellow athletes, their coaches and the staff of HCAC. If you are concerned about an incident or pattern of behavior at any team function, download this Draft Letter of Concern, personalize it to your situation, and share it with the head coach (if the issue concerns athletes) or the president of the board (if the issue concerns an adult-athlete interaction).