2020 Morgan Marlins Handbook


Welcome to the 2020 Morgan Marlins Swim Team!



The mission of the Morgan Marlins Swim Team is to promote the sport of swimming by educating and motivating all swimmers.


Who are we:

The Morgan Marlins Swim Team is a seasonal swim team,  member of Northern Colorado Swimming, and member of USA Swimming.


The Morgan Marlins Swim Team is governed by a Board of Directors and bylaws approved by the board.


Our swimmers are given an opportunity to compete and range in age from 5 to 18.




President: Chance Middlemist 970-370-327

Secretary: Lana Hickey (970) 302-2380

Treasurer: Tamara Thompson 970-380-0945

Sheila Roth 970-380-2350

Melanie Tuck 970-768-7416

Erin Goff (970) 380-8565

Kevin Kirchmar (970) 227-7048




Team Email:


Team Website:




Isabella Heepke-Laws

Head Coach

CSI/USA Team Representative



Sarah Wilson

Assistant Coach



Patrick Thompson

Assistant Coach



Lana Schamberger

Assistant Coach




1. Swimmers will learn the correct form for all competitive strokes, starts, and turns.

2. Swimmers will become confident in their strokes to enable them to compete in swim meets.

3. Swimmers will exhibit good sportsmanship.

4. Swimmers will have fun and make new friends.




The main source of Morgan Marlins team communication is email (make sure you update us if your email address changes) and our website. Information on upcoming meets, events, notes from various sources and miscellaneous communications will frequently be added to the team website or emailed as attachments to families.  Please visit our website for updates and team information.

    If practice is changed and/or cancelled, a text message will be sent to families.

Make sure your email addresses and SMS numbers are verified in your MMST account. The On Deck app is available for your smartphone and provides another link to our team communications.


Coach Availability:

To ensure all swimmers have a safe and productive workout, please refrain from approaching coaches during designated practice times.


Our coaches and board members are available before and after practice or by email and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Missing a Practice:

We know your summers are full of all kinds of fun activities. Practices are not mandatory, but the more time your swimmer spends in the pool the more he or she will improve! Please give coaches a head’s up if you’re going on vacation or plan to miss several practices in a row--it helps us plan better practices.


Conflict Resolution:

While we hope every swimmer and parent has the best possible experience as a part of the Morgan Marlins, we know conflicts can sometimes arise. We try our best to communicate all necessary information to parents and to create a fun, safe and productive environment for every swimmer. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your swimmer’s coaches and the team’s board members with any concerns or frustrations you may have. We will work together to find a solution acceptable to all parties.


Season cost: The registration cost for each swimmer is $185.


This includes a $35 nonrefundable fee to USA Swimming and includes subscription and full membership privileges. This fee is required as it is for insurance and other dues and no swimmer can enter the pool until this fee is paid .


SWIMMERS ATTENDING THE FORT MORGAN PRACTICE MUST PURCHASE A SEASON PASS OR PAY THE DAILY ENTRANCE FEE. In 2018, children’s season passes were $50 and family season passes were $125. Daily entrance cost $3.


All paperwork and fees MUST be turned in online prior to a swimmer beginning practice for the season.



The reimbursement policy for a withdrawal from the Marlins Swim Team will be as

Follows. Refunds will only be made to swimmers who have paid the annual payment of $185.00 by the start of practice and handled as follows:

1. If the swimmer quits within two (2) weeks of the first day of in water practice – a

full refund less the CSI/USA fee (presently $35).

2. If the swimmer quits after the first two (2) weeks of in water practice but before

four (4) weeks of practice – a 50% refund less the CSI/USA fee ($35) will be given.

3. If the swimmer quits after four (4) weeks of practice, there will be NO refund.

**The swim fee includes $35 NON-REFUNDABLE payment to USA Swimming. This fee is

required as it is for insurance and other dues and no swimmer can enter the pool until this

fee is paid.



The following practice schedule is provided as a guideline and is subject to change.


May 28 - AUGUST 3

Morning practices will be at the Brush pool from 6:45-8:45 AM Monday-Thursday and at the Fort Morgan pool on Friday's from 6:30 - 8:30 AM.


Evening practices will be at the Fort Morgan pool on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 PM and Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 - 6:00 PM.


Things to Remember:

REQUIRED Equipment for water practice:

Practice suits --checkout Swim Outlet for affordable swim gear

Goggles --buying a nicer pair of Speedo or TYR brand goggles--$10-$15--will save you and your swimmer a lot of hassle. Again, check Swim Outlet.

Shop via our team store at: MMST Team Store Swim Outlet


Swim cap-- they might look silly, but they keep hair out of swimmer’s faces and help prevent swimmer’s ear infections

Any additional medical aids (asthma inhaler, earplugs, etc)

A healthy snack and a water bottle-- please make sure your swimmer has eaten something prior to practice and is well hydrated


REQUIRED equipment for dry land practice:

Workout clothing (sweats, shorts, t-shirt)

Running shoes (please, no sandals)


REQUIRED equipment for meets:

Team suit

• Goggles (bring an extra pair)

• Swim cap

• Towels (the more the better)

• Healthy snack food

• Water

• Sunscreen

• Marker

• Warm clothes (just in case)

• Money for food/stuff

• Team spirit


Optional equipment for meets:

Lawn chairs

• Blankets

• Shade umbrellas

• Camera

• Sunglasses

• Shampoo and other toiletries

• A good book



Meets can be very fast-paced and confusing for new swimmers and parents. Coaches try to use practices and ‘mock-meets’ to introduce everyone to the process. Parents are encouraged to watch practices and ‘mock-meets’ to reduce confusion when they arrive at the real thing!


A meet schedule will be handed out at registration. Parents need to register for swim meets through our website or the DECKPASS app.  Please be aware of meet registration deadlines. Please provide at least 2 days before the deadline to ensure your entry into the meet.


There are added meet fees for away meets. These fees will be charged to you once you register your swimmer online and must be paid prior to the next meet. If the swimmer misses the meet the fees must still be paid. The team pays the host team fees for all registered swimmers before the meet. There are no fees for our home meets.




For the most part, swimmers will compete with children of similar ages. OPEN races do not separate children by age but by similar time. Additionally, your child’s competition age is determined by his or her age on the first day of the meet EXCEPT at the state championship meet. At championship meets, age is determined by your child’s age as of May 15th. For example, if Sally’s 9th birthday is on June 30th, she will swim as an 8 year old until June 30th and as a 9 year old afterwards. She is STILL eligible to qualify for state as an 8 year old. This is a very confusing rule, so please reach out to a coach for further explanation if your child has a summer birthday on or after May 15th.  


A swimmer may compete in a maximum of four individual events per day/per meet. For example, if it is a single day meet, a swimmer may compete in a total of four individual events. If it is a two-day meet, the swimmer may compete in a total of eight (8) individual events.


The Morgan Marlins will have a minimum of one coach present at every meet at which one or more of our swimmers are participating.


There will also be a “Meet Parent” assigned. The responsibility of the “Meet Parent” will be to assist the swimmers in getting to where they need to be when they need to be there, be a liaison between the coaches and parents so that the coaches can concentrate on coaching rather than hand holding and to be a resource for parents to ask questions with regard to that specific meet. At least one Board member will most likely be at each meet and will be available to assist as well.



During the warm-up each swimmer should follow the prescribed routine. You should also be sure to practice correct turns and starts (in designated lanes only).

After warm-up, swimmers should report to the team area and generally stay in the area. It is the responsibility of each swimmer to report when the announcer calls their event. A “Meet Parent” will be available to assist in making sure the swimmer is where they need to be.

When not warming up, swimming, or cooling down, be out there supporting and cheering on your teammates!!!!!! Before you leave the team area PICK UP ALL YOUR BELONGINGS



Once a swimmer has completed all their events, although they are free to leave at this time, we encourage them to stay and cheer on the rest of their teammates!!!!




The Morgan Marlins Swim Team is a seasonal swim team and a member of USA Swimming. It was formed with the objective of helping young swimmers to develop: physical fitness, self-discipline, self-confidence, proficiency in competitive swimming strokes, a determination to do one’s best and good sportsmanship. The expectation of the Coaches and Board is participants will exhibit the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times while participating in all Morgan Marlins events. Every participant, including swimmers, coaches, officials, board members, parents and spectators, has a responsibility to behave in a respectable manner and to comply with and support the Code of Conduct.

While attending and/or participating in any Morgan Marlins practice or event, no individual shall:

• At any time strike, shove, threaten to strike or lay a hand upon an official, swimmer, coach or spectator;

• Engage in an abusive, verbal attack upon any official, swimmer, coach or spectator on or off the pool deck;

• Use trash talk, profane, obscene or vulgar language, or gesture under any circumstances, on or off the pool deck;

• Engage in an objectionable demonstration of dissent or unsportsmanlike conduct such as throwing equipment or any other forceful action;

• Refuse to abide by an official’s decision.


Any violation of the above policy will result in one or more of the following sanctions:

First Offense - Ejection of the person(s) from the meet/event;

Second Offense - Suspension of the person(s) from any and all meets and/or events for the remainder of the current swim season.


If this individual is acting in the capacity of a coach or meet official at the time of the offense, additional sanctions available are:

First Offense – Ejection of person(s) from the meet/event;

Second Offense - Suspension of the person(s) from participating in an official capacity at any and all Morgan Marlins sanctioned events for the remainder of the current swim season;

Third Offense – Suspension of person(s) from participating in an official capacity at any and all Morgan Marlins sanctioned events for life



The following are terms commonly used/heard in our swimming “world”:


CSI SWIMMING – Colorado Swimming, the organization that governs and administers USA Swimming in the State of Colorado. CSI sanctions competitions, registers swimmers, coaches, clubs and volunteers, trains officials and runs educational programs.


DISQUALIFICATION – a ruling by a judge resulting from a rules infraction known as a “DQ.”


HEAT SHEET – a list of all swimmers by event number, heat, and lane assignments in a meet.


INTERVAL – a given amount of time the swimmer has to finish a given amount of work such as: 10x50 free on 1:00 means the swimmer must swim each 50 free in 1:00.


MEET DIRECTOR – swim meet official charged with overall command of the meet. S/he is judge of any problem that may arise during the course of the meet.


MEET PARENT – parent(s) who are available to assist swimmers and parents during meets.


NCS – Northern Colorado Swimming, the organization that governs USA Swimming in the northern region of Colorado.


SEED TIME – the time a swimmer uses to enter a meet. This time, which is included on a heat sheet, determines the swimmer’s position and lane in the particular event. If no seed time is given for an event, it is because the swimmer has not yet successfully completed that particular event.


SET – a series of swimming, kicking, or pulling efforts performed in a workout. For example, 10x50 free on 1:00 or 300 kick.


SPLIT – a per lap time that coaches often record for teaching the concept of pacing. For instance, a swimmer’s time for each 25-yard leg of a 100-yard event is the split.


STARTER – meet official who has the responsibility for a fair start to all contestants. S/he may charge contestants for attempting to take unfair advantage during a start.


STROKE DRILL – an exercise used in practice to improve stroke mechanics by concentrating on one aspect of the stroke.


The following websites have lots of useful information including meet calendars, articles about healthy eating and cool information about high-profile athletes. Northern Colorado Swimming USA Swimming Colorado Swimming



The POOL RULES of the Morgan Marlins, the City of Brush and Fort Morgan are :

1. NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO OR DRUG USE, including chewing tobacco or cigarettes, shall be allowed in the pool area;

2. NO GLASS CONTAINERS shall be allowed in the pool area;

3. NO METAL OBJECTS in the pool (i.e. hair clips, bobby pins);

4. NO WEAPONS shall be allowed in the pool area;

5. Chewing gum is not permitted during practice;

6. Use kickboards, flippers and all other swim equipment with care and replace after use;

7. Put all paper, cans and disposable items in the garbage cans;

8. NO HORSEPLAY OR RUNNING on pool decks;

9. Remove all personal property after practice and meets.


The City of Brush and/or the Morgan Marlins are not responsible for lost or stolen items.