Our Medical Release Form is required at the first day of practice. This is a mandatory document and must be completed in order to participate on the team.  Please provide a legible email address on this form, the email address is vital for all billings and communication.

Within the first week on the team, we will need Proof of Age & $70 for USA Swimming Registration.  USA Swimming Registration forms are provided at the pool.

We prefer payments by Credit Card or ACH withdrawl.  You will be able to set up payments on Team Unify when you receive your account password via email.  Checks should be written to "DCA."  All monthly payments should be submitted no later than the 10th of each month. 

Other handy printouts: Checklist, Fees & Payments, Parents Letter, Coaches Rules & Expectations and Goals.  These handouts provide valuable information, input & accountability for our parents, athletes and coaches.

Some other informative printouts:  Performance Tips, Mental Imagery & Duke WM Swimming Records. 

There are also many useful articles and membership resources on the following websites: and