1. NO DRUGS, TOBACCO, or ALCOHOL. Violation will result in your suspension/dismissal from the team. An appeal process through Mr. Hegseth may be pursued.
  2. No harassment (sexual, cultural, religious, etc.) will be tolerated. Violations will result in your dismissal from the team. An appeal process through Mr. Hegseth may be pursued. Violations are also punishable by the High School League. Please reference the High School League Packet and the High School League web site for more specific details. The web site is at

“We will not use language that is degrading towards women in practices, games, or any other team related environment. If anyone on the team violates this, they will be required to apologize, and if appropriate, make the necessary amends.”

"These behaviors are serious, non-negotiable and will not be tolerated:

Sexual Harassment,

Sexual Assault,

Dating Violence

If any of these things come up during the season, the consequences will involve meet suspensions, removal from the team and possible criminal charges.”

  1. School policy on class attendance governs whether you may practice or compete in a meet (no class attendance, no practice/meet).
  2. From first to the last day of the season the only items that may excuse you from practice are family, religion, and class work. Other activities (dance, softball, gymnastics, piano, basketball, work, etc.) will not preempt swimming/diving practice/meets, no exceptions.
  3. You are representing yourself, your parents/guardians, coaches, and Centennial. Conduct yourself in a manner that will not cause you or those you represent embarrassment.
  4. Have a positive attitude, respect yourself and all other members of our team, coaches, managers be supportive of each other at all times, have fun. NO SWEARING or excessive whining. You’re attitude affects others…..make it a positive one.
  5. Any individual accumulating 5 unexcused absences or any combination of unexcused and excused absences totaling 10 will be terminated from the team.
  6. We have several Saturday meets. You should be home by 10:30 on Friday to be able to perform at your best at these special meets.
  7. Arrive early or on time for all practices, warm-ups before home meets, and bus transportation for away meets. If you are late for the bus to an away meet it will leave without you and you will not participate in the meet.
  8. Please keep track of your belongings. School books, clothing, swimming equipment can be retrieved through contact with the other schools if you forget something, however if may take several days to several weeks before the belongings may be returned through the schools in the conference. Forgetting may result in a long drive for YOU to recover your stuff.
  9. If you choose to terminate your participation with the swimming and diving team please speak directly with the coaching staff of your intention to cease your participation. Presenting a note would also be appreciated.



  1. The coach must be informed in writing or by telephone from the parent or guardian, beforehand or within 24 hours of the absence, that a swimming/diving team member will miss practice. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of 1 letter point per unexcused absence. Three times late for practice equals one unexcused absence. . Unexcused early exit from practice equals an unexcused absence.
  2. If you are a member of the first group to practice on a particular day get all the necessary equipment out and set-up. Put away all equipment that was brought out for your practice or warm-up when your time is up, unless informed otherwise by a coach. If you don’t feel it is important to fulfill your set-up or tear-down duties you will not participate in coming meets.
  3. Follow directions from coaches and captains. Not following directions, not swimming assigned workouts, or horseplay will result in consequences.
  4.  Practice habits are meet habits. Practicing doing things wrong will cost you in the end. FINISH EVERYTHING YOU START.
  5. Complete all practices that you start. If you must leave early from practice, a note from your parents/guardians must be given to the coach to grant such a release. Incomplete or unexcused practices will result in disciplinary action. All athletes must swim a minimum of 1/2 of practice the day before a meet to be eligible for the meet, regardless of the reason. The final decision is at the discretion of the head coach.


  1. Missing practice the day before a meet, excused or unexcused, will result in the athlete not being eligible for participation in the meet. Three unexcused absences will result in the athlete not being eligible for participation in the next meet.
  2. All athletes must remain on deck throughout the entire meet, unless you need to use the bathroom. This is a team sport and your teammates deserve the same support they gave you when you were doing your event. Athletes leaving early will be face disciplinary action.
  3. All athletes are expected to be on deck to participate in the meet. There will be NO homework on deck during the meet. If you are behind on your studies request to not be included in the current meet so you can get your studies current.
  4. No cell phones will be allowed at the meet. You may have them in your possession, but their use is banned in the locker-room and the pool deck.
  5. All athletes are responsible for knowing which events they are participating in and when their event is. Missing your event can jeopardize your team's chance for success and the results of the meet. Missing your event disqualifies you from your remaining scheduled events and impacts your teammates.
  6.  Be aware of all the rules regarding swimming and diving competition. In a close meet a disqualification can change the winner of the meet. No jewelry may be worn during the competition.
  7. Cheer for your teammates. Congratulate them after their events, regardless of the result and what they may feel about their performance.
  8. Show good sportsmanship. Congratulate your competition following your event. Sportsmanship is a key to success.
  9. Prior to your swim, check in with the coaches to review your race plan for that event. At the conclusion of your swim check in with the coaches for any comments or observations they may have on your performance. Immediate feedback or comments regarding what may be expected of you in the next event can have a major impact on your performance and how the team may fare in the meet.
  10. If you are to leave with your parents following an away meet you must provide a written note signed by your parents following your cool down after the meet Any forged notes will result in meet suspension. The coaches are responsible for you and your safety. Don't put yourself in a compromising position.
  11.  All swimmers and divers should be dressed to meet the dress code determined for that day's meet, usually either in team apparel or neatly in street clothes (no jeans or tennis shoes - shirts must be tucked in). Individuals who don't follow this recommendation may be dropped from an event in the next meet. Dress-up the day of the meet.
  12. Rowdy, disruptive behavior on the bus is not allowed. Concentrate on the meet or use your time wisely.
  13. Leave the pool area, locker-rooms and the bus cleaner than when you got there. You are responsible
  14. All swimmers are expected to wear team suits and team caps at all meets. Caps are provided by the school so there should be no reason to not race without a cap identifying members as Centennial.



  1. If an athlete damages a room where we stay their parents will be responsible for paying for the damages to the room.
  2. If an athlete is responsible for damaging a room their parents will be contacted and the parents will have to come and pick up the athlete. The athlete will be removed from the meet.




At times disciplinary action may need to be taken with an athlete(s). A violation of team rules, conduct detrimental to the team, attitude, and behavior towards teammates, coaches, officials, spectators or opposing team may all be grounds for disciplinary action.


Discipline may include any of the following and may not follow a progression

  1. Meeting with athlete and coaches
  2. Meeting with athlete / parent / coaches
  3. Removal from practice / meet
  4. Suspension from practice / meet
  5. Termination from team


By signing this form, I have read understand and will abide by the rules as stated above.  


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