REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN ON May 1, 2019.  To register do not sign in!  Go to the Registration tab and follow the easy prompts. The cost is $150 for the first child, $125 for the second child and $100 for each child after that for the team. For the requirements for the team, please see the Swim Groups Tab above.  Your child needs to be registered and payment made in order to attend practices.

Preteam is $185 per child with no sibling discount.  Please note that Preteam is limited to children ages 5 - 8.  There are only a limited number of spots available. There is a non-refundable per family registration charge of $20 for both team and Preteam families.

We are a volunteer organization and require all families to volunteer at two events or to pay the $50 opt-out fee.  This is the fairest way to distribute the workload.  There are many jobs to volunteer for (and not just at the meets) and we train everyone.  Volunteering is easy!  Simply go to the Events Page to sign up under "Job Sign Up."  We ask that all families sign up for two meets or events if possible.  If you can not volunteer this year, please pay the opt out fee with your registration. (Follow the directions.) If you can not volunteer, there is an opt-out fee of $50.00, payable at registration.  We do keep track of the volunteer hours through the online system so please sign up online once the meet schedule is up.  Due to the limited amount of available volunteers at the Championship meets, opting out does not apply at these meets.  

If you are a returning member, please go online and correct the information in your account.  Each family should have only one account.  You can list as many children as you have on the team in the account. This includes new members in a returning family.   Everyone's racing start date is 07/01/2019.  Please click on all the tabs.  If there is anything special you want the coaches to know include it under the Medical tab on your child's member page.

REMEMBER EVERYONE MUST BE A LAKE ISLE POOL MEMBER.  This is a Conference rule! Everyone must have a family membership.  THE ONLY EXCEPTION is if you are an Eastchester Town Resident (including Tuckahoe and Bronxville and we do not mean zip code).  If you are a Town Resident , WHICH MEANS A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP WOULD COST YOU THE LOWER AMOUNT and the child is over 16 they can participate with a Junior Club membership.   If you are not a town resident the front office may tell you that a Junior Membership is available.  This does not apply to team members.  We confirm the memberships before we submit the roster to the Conference.  If you do not have the correct membership we will ask you to obtain the correct membership before your child can compete.

****Please be advised that Lake Isle Swim/Dive members ages 10 years and under MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT (a responsible person 18 years or older) for the duration of practice.  We are NOT a drop off program!  Parents or a responsible adult must be on deck to attend to their children 10 years and younger.  Any child 10 years old or younger who reports to swim practice without the appropriate supervision will not be permitted  to attend practice.  We believe that the safety of our swimmers is extremely important.