Pricing and Registration

Welcome to the 2021 Season! 

We are now opening up for more members at a discounted rate for halfway thru season!




*guests ONLY allowed admittance WITH a current Chadwick member present

$6 (per person) for a one time visit or purchase a 5 visit pass for $25

(CASH OR CHECK ONLY)                                         


Make sure you register all members - including the one creating the account! 

New Member Family: $250 + tax                       Swim Team w/ membership: 1st child $100

New Member Single: $175 + tax                                                                       2nd child $95

Renewal Member Family: $295 + tax                                                                3rd child $90

Renewal Member Single: $200 + tax                                                   4th (or more) child $85

Babysitter Pass: $60                                                         Swim Team Only:  1st child $150

                                                                                                              any other child $140

Stock Owner Member Family: $295   

Stock Owner Member Double: $265 

Stock Owner Member Single: $200

Stock Certificate Holders: $75

New Family Mid Season Registration: $150 + tax

Please remember to list all members that will be attending the pool. Even the person who has created the Account.

Thank you! 

New Family member Registration (your family is ready to join in the fun as a NEW membership)

New Single member Registration (there will only be one member on your NEW membership)

Renew Famiy member Registration (your family has joined before and is coming back for some fun)

Renew Single member Registration (there will be only one person on the pass)

Swim Team Only (only your child is swimming on the team)

New Family Mid Season Registration

If you are having trouble or would like to have help, please email for assistance!


Owner Family Registration (if you're family is a part owner)

Owner Double member Registration (if you're an owner couple)

Owner Single member Registration (if you're a single owner)

Certificate Holder Only