Registration has not yet begun/ will be updated as we learn more about what the 2020 season will look like.


Welcome to the 2020 Season! 

Make sure you register all members - including the one creating the account! 

New Member Family: $225 + tax                                  Swim Team: 1st child $85

New Member Single: $140 + tax                                                        2nd child $80

Renewal Member Family: $270 + tax                                                  3rd child $75

Renewal Member Single: $185 + tax                                                   4th child $75

                              Babysitter Pass: $60                                                    Swim Team Only: 1st child $135 

                                                                                                                                    any other child $130


Stock Owner Member Single: $185

Stock Certificate Holders: $75

Stock Owner Member Double: $240   

Stock Owner Member Family: $270   

Click on the link below for your registration! 

Please rember to list all members that will be attending the pool. Even the person who has created the Account.

If you are having trouble or would like to have help with it, you are welcome to come to the pool during any of the preseason work duties and we can assist you!

Thank you! 


Your accounts are make INACTIVE to allow you to register for the new season. Once you register, your account will be approved, then you will be allowed to sign in again. 

Owner Family Registration

Owner Double member Registration

Owner Singe member Registration

New Family member Registration

New Single member Registration

Renew Famiy member Registration

Renew Single member Registration

Swim Team Only

Certificate Holder Only