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Our 2022 Season is currently being planned!

Stay tuned for more information on March clinic, April clinic, and the May/June/July season! 


8025 Waterman Rd, Sacramento, CA 95829



This year the official team swim suit will again be the TYR Phoenix Splice, black with yellow accents. The team suit is optional but recommended for all meets. We suggest you consider purchasing 1-2 inexpensive suits for practice. Boys have the option to choose between the jammer or racer style. Suits can be ordered through our online “storefront” at Swim

Northern California Swim League rules require that only official team suits, or swimsuits of similar or lesser technical construction, are allowed in any league competition meets. High-performance technical and/or compression suits are prohibited.


Parents and family members' participation are necessary to ensure the success of the Sac Town Tsunami at both home and away meets. Assistance in the various activities involved in operating a meet, such as timing swimmers, running the ready bench, or working in the snack bar are needed in order to accomplish a well-organized and efficiently-run meet. This makes the meet more fun for swimmers, parents, and other participants.

Prior to the first meet of the season, parents and family members will be directed to this website to sign up for areas you feel comfortable helping with.  We will need 1-2 family members to help for at least half of each meet. But don't worry, every task will have a great view of the pool, so you won't miss a single race your kids participate in.

Every effort will be made to accommodate everyone's primary choices; however, you may be asked to assist in another assignment on meet day. Once assigned, it will be your responsibility to obtain an alternate if an unforeseen event prevents you from participating in your assignment. An alternate list will be provided for each job assignment.  And as a last resort, you can always contact the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance.

On meet day, volunteers with job assignments must check-in with the Volunteer Coordinator at least one half hour before the start of the meet. This will allow the Volunteer Coordinator time to assess assignments and ensure all positions are staffed appropriately and timely.


What should I bring to a swim meet?

Remember to mark your items for easy recognition.  

  • Swim Suit
  • Cap
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Extra clothes
  • Something to sit on (sleeping bag, old blanket, etc.)
  • Parkas/Sweats to keep warm and extra T-shirts.
  • Games (cards, travel games, coloring books, books, etc.)
  • Food (in a small cooler).
  • Suggestions for items to bring: fruit juice or Gatorade; granola bars, fruits, yogurt, cereal, sandwiches.
  • Water, please avoid sodas, carbonated drinks, sugary drinks.
  • Pop-up Tent
  • Money for snack bar

What if we have to leave early for a meet or my swimmer can’t be there?

If you are going to miss a meet or leave a meet early contact a coach or a board member as soon as you possibly can, the earlier the better.

In case of sudden illness, family emergency, etc, please call/text Katie Feldman at 916-849-9731.

Is there a minimum number of swim meets my child is required to attend?

Yes - To qualify for participation at Championships, a swimmer must swim in at least two events at two conference meets. The board member in charge of records keeps track of all swimmers to make sure everyone meets this league requirement.

Do I have to attend all meets with my child?

It is fully expected that at least one parent/guardian attend the meet to supervise and cheer on their own child. The team is not responsible for your child’s conduct during the time in between – the parent is. Please do not drop your child off and assume that someone else is responsible for them – they need you!

Does my child have to stay in the team area?

As long as your child stays in the general area, the team will try their best to get them organized and make sure they know when to get to the ready bench on time. Please keep in mind if your child does not stay in the team area it will be your job to get them to the ready bench on time. Make sure your child understands this, as sometimes they leave the team area without your knowledge.

What should a swimmer do when they have completed a race?

When a swimmer is done with their race they should wait until all competing swimmers have reached the finish wall.  All swimmers should congratulate their neighbor on a good swim either at the finish wall or exiting the pool area.  This includes the last swimmer in relays.  Announcers will let them know when to exit the pool.  Remember to keep ALL comments positive including the opposing team. Practice good sportsmanship at all times.

Nugget Conference Championships ("Champs")

Why is Champs two days and do I need to go to both days?

Champs meets last for two days (Saturday and Sunday) from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with check-in at 6:30am on both days. Saturday events start with the Preliminaries for the individual medley (IM), short free, and back. There is a short break and then Finals for IM, free, backstroke, and medley relays are ran. Sunday events start with Preliminaries for the long free and continue with Preliminaries for the breaststroke and butterfly. After a short break, the Finals for long free, breast, fly and free relays are held.

Events for 6 & Unders are on Saturday only.

Once you have determined that your swimmer is NOT in the Final Relay and you wish to leave, please do not do so without checking with the coach or board member to verify your swimmer is or is not in a Finals Relay. A missing swimmer will cause a relay team to scratch and forfeit any chance for team points or individual medals.

What do I need to bring to Champs?

Bring double the items you normally bring for meets since Champs are 2 days. You may also want to bring money for purchases at the snack bar, programs, or championship apparel. Make sure to have adequate shade for your section in the team area as well as plenty of water and sunscreen; Championships are in the middle of the summer and it's usually quite warm.


It's very important that you let your coach (and your team) know if you are not going to be at a swim meet. We starting planning the meet 6 days in advance of the meet and the coach determines which event each swimmer will swim at. The coach also decides who will swim in relays.

By the time the Thursday before the meet arrives, we have already sent our meet file to our registar or the opposing team's registrar. On swim meet mornings, we have only a few minutes to update the computer system with the swimmers that didn't show up. This is a very quick window to update our relays and our heats. 

We can't stress enough how important this process is. 

Here is an <<< instructional sheet >>> on how to commit/decline your swimmers. 


NCSL stands for the Northern California Swim League. We are 1 of 23 swim teams that swim under the league umbrella. 
The league is broken up into 5 conferences (Comstock, Gold Rush, Eureka, Mother Lode, Nugget). In years past, Tsunami has swum in the Nugget and Mother Lode conferences. Conferences are determined by swim team size. The bigger the team, the higher up in the conference they swim. 
During the swim season, each conference swims against each other throughout the summer (Tsunami v Rio Vista, Tsunami v Highlander, Rio Vista v Highlander). Then there is a championship meet at the end of their season for each conference which brings all those conference teams together at one location for a 2-day swim meet. 
For 2021, NCSL is doing things a little differently. Normally each conference sets their own dual swim meets, but because many teams are not able to host meets, NCSL has done the scheduling for us. They have also chosen to forego conference lines which is why we are swimming against new-to-us teams (Arden Park or Dixon) in addition to our normal teams (Rio Vista). 
There will not be a conference championship this year so that means that your swimmer can swim at as many or as little dual meets as you want. The requirement to swim at at least 2 conference meets in order to qualify for the championship has been lifted for 2021.

Why do I have to pay $15 for the NCSL fee? 

The $15 that is paid to NCSL (separate of any Tsunami fees) is to ensure that all our swimmers are covered under NCSL's insurance policy. This fee is paid directly to NCSL through their website and is non-refundable. 

Why are we only swimming in 1-hour cohorts? 
We rent our swim time from Southgate Recreation & Park District. They control our current pool (The New Aquatic Center) as well as our old pool (Fruitridge). They also have rules that we must follow which is limiting the amount of swimmers in the pool, limiting the amount of people on deck, and ensuring there is a safe transition time between groups.  
When they reopened the pool last July, we were the first group to sign up and we successfully held clinics in July, August, September, October, November, February, March, April, and May. These clinics were held to certain swimmer limitations, but we are proud to say that we never had to turn anyone away. Everyone who signed up, even if they signed up on the waitlist, made it into the clinics. 
Many of SRPD's events were put on hold during the pandemic, so they are playing catch up and that unfortunately means that swim times for Tsunami are limited. We are doing the best we can given the times that we are given. For the 2021 swim season (June/July), we will have to make do with 2 hours a night. This is definitely down from the 3-1/2 hours a night that we swam in 2019. We still don't want to turn swimmers away, so our intention is offer a creative schedule that will allow us to have as many swimmers as possible.

Why was clinic so expensive?
Our clinics had to be priced in order to pay for the pool time and our coaches. Since we could only fit in 22 swimmers in per hour, we had to spread out the cost throughout those swimmers. Now that we're at 44 kids per hour, we can spread the cost throughout those 44 swimmers. Our creative approach to the swim season will ensure that Tsunami is able to pay for our pool time and our swim meets as well as for our coaches.