Purpose Statement


YMCA Flying Fish Swim Team, a program of the YMCA of Fulton County, is an organization providing a comprehensive year round swimming program for children of all ages and levels of ability, with professional coaching.  The goal of the team is to maximize individual potential and to promote swimming in the community at all levels.


The Fulton County YMCA swim team (Flying Fish) is committed to providing an enjoyable swimming experience for swimmers of all ages and abilities, while also providing a challenging and positive teaching and training environment in which swimmers can develop a sense of self-esteem and pride through individual and team achievement. Our qualified coaching staff and volunteers accomplish this by teaching the importance of hard work and determination combined with technical instruction and proper diet, to continuously strengthen the ability of the athlete as well as build individual character and ignite team spirit.

 The Flying Fish team mission is and shall continue to be built around the four pillars of the YMCA: Caring-Honesty-Respect-Responsibility. The Flying Fish are additionally committed to excellence in performance and the continued effort to be a competitive leader in area competitions as well as continued growth at the state and national level.

Our devoted parent network completes the collaborated effort of the coaching staff by providing support to the club and its athletes in all facets; thus demonstrating and reinforcing the life skills of self-discipline, time management, responsibility, honesty, and integrity by example.



            Every swimmer is proficient in each swimming stroke.  The team and swimmers help and teach each other throughout the year as to share each other’s knowledge.  That every swimmer earns a ribbon in an event.  To have more than half the team compete in the league championship and better than half that same number qualify for the state competition.



*provide professional instruction in the skills associated with competitive swimming.

* Through participation with the Flying Fish program, swimmers will be taught personal responsibility, accountability, sportsmanship and citizenship through positive reinforcement and recognition of the individual’s pursuit towards accomplishing his or her defined goals.

* Promote family and community support and involvement in competitive swimming.

* Provide opportunities for swimmers of all levels to participate in competitions and other club oriented activities.

* Creating a positive environment where excellence is inevitable.

For any successful program to reach its goals and fulfill its philosophical mission, it must have commitment from its members. That is why I strongly encourage and support volunteerism within the club and our surrounding communities. Only through cooperative agreement and conjoined efforts as a group can we better our children’s lives and future