Team Info

Coppermine 4 Seasons: Coppermine Crocodiles

Welcome to Coppermine 4 Seasons! We are located in Hampstead, MD only 7 miles away from the Westminster Town Mall

We are a mid-sized summer swim team for swimmers of all abilities. By keeping our team on the smaller size, coaches get to know swimmers individually, working on stroke improvement and team building. 

  • We offer three levels of workouts: 
    • Group I: These swimmers are our beginning and/or younger swimmers. This group has a wide range as we know that our youngest swimmers (10 and unders) tend to grow quickly during a swim season. 

      Group II:  These swimmers tend to be our intermediate swimmers. They have a grasp on competitive swimming, but need more guidance on areas such as stroke specifics, endurance, etc. (typically 8 to 12 years old)

      Group III: These swimmers are our most experiences swimmers. These tend to be year-round swimmers or those who are interested/capable of swimming more rigorous workouts. (typically 13 and up)

      *Grouping is based off of both skill and age. We want to group swimmers in a space they can improve while also being developmentally appropriate. Coaches will be responsible to placing swimmers into their groups but please know there is a range within each group and the grouping is flexible.

  • Workouts began Wednesday, May 31st, 2023.
  • Practices are held in the evening until June 16th.  Starting June 19th, practices will be held in the morning prior to the pool opening to members.
  • Our emphasis is on kids having  fun while improving their swimming and parents having fun while supporting their kids! 
Important:  All swim team members must be members of the Coppermine 4 Seasons Swim Club.