Team Info

Carroll Aquatics at Four Seasons: Home of the Blue Sharks

Welcome to The Carroll Aquatics Blue Sharks! We swim at the Oasis Swim Club at Four Seasons Sports complex in Hampstead, MD.  

We are a mid-sized summer swim team for swimmers of all abilities. By keeping our team on the smaller size, coaches get to know swimmers individually, working on stroke improvement and team building. 

  • We offer two levels of workouts: 
    • ​​Group I: Most summer-only swimmers fall into this category. Swimmers must 4 years or older and be able to swim the length of the pool (25m) unassisted.  More experienced may join this group if scheduling requires. However, please note, senior coaching will be available during morning practice times only.
    • Group II: Year-round swimmers or those who are interested/capable of swimming more rigorous workouts.  Will swim 2-hr workouts of 4,000-5,500 meters. Expected attendance is 5x per week. Younger year-round swimmers may participate in this group with coach approval.

    • Pre-Team: This group is designefd for swimmers who are comfortable in the water and are able to swim the length of the pool freestyle and want to work on improving their stroke mechanics and endurance beyond lesson level. Practices will last 45 minutes to 1hour. Swimmers in this group will join the Level 1 PM swimmers and coaches and are not required to participate in swim meets. 

    • Workout Only: This group includes winter season swimmers who are looking for more intensive coaching during the off-season. These swimmers are not included on team rosters and are not able to compete in swim meets with Carroll Aquatics. 

  • Workouts beginning June 3rd: Group I every Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-6:30pm, Group II Mon through Fri 5:30-7:30pm, until school ends. 
  • We have 2-3 coaches on deck for most workouts, so a very favorable coach-to-swimmer ratio
  • Our emphasis is on kids having  fun while improving their swimming and parents having fun while supporting their kids! 
Important:  All swim team members must be members of the Oasis Swim Club. Please see the Carroll Aquatics Team Handbook for additional details on the team and expectations for the summer season.