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2017-2018 Info

The Spartans Swim Team’s goal is to build a unique aquatics experience for the youth swimmers of the Village/Town of Ossining and surrounding areas. From swim lessons to our Senior Group, Spartan swimmers learn that the virtues of hard work, discipline, persistence,and team work are necessary ingredients in achieving competitive and personal success. Spartans coaches believe in an all-around athletic experience, encouraging athletes toparticipate in other sports on both the club and varsity levels. Our fee structure, which is proudly the most affordable in Westchester, allows athletes to test their wares in numeroussports, while keeping their swimming and fitness chops honed. The “Seasonal” fee, is designed to keep our price as low as possible while still maintainingthe integrity of an athletic season. Visit the team website for more program details and contact info at
Try-outs are ongoing throughout the year. Interested swimmers can visit the pool and inquire about scheduling a try-out with Coach Mike, or e-mail him at:

Ossining Recreation Spartans Swimming

Swim Try-outs - by appointment between 4-7pm Tuesday-Friday August 15-September 7

Please contact for further information


Program Features

Afternoon Practice Sessions;  Swim Meets; Dry-land Training; Kayak BBQs


Program Cost

Seasonal Plan - Sep-Oct-Nov - $375; Add. Swimmer in Family - $340 (Due Oct 1) - Out of Town pay +$50 per swimmer

Monthly - $140; Add. Swimmer ($125) - Out of Town pay +$25 per swimmer

Scholastic/Varsity Athlete Sep-Oct-Nov - $125 (3 meet sessions & 2 practices per week)

Brown Swim Meet November 18-19 - $40

All swimmers must be registered USA swimmers for the 2017-18 season.  The registration fee is a one time $75 insurance fee due at the time of your first monthly or seasonal payment.


Monday - Friday Swim Practice Schedule

Video/Dry-land Training - 3:30-4:15pm

Senior Group (ages 13-18 or by ability) - 4:30-6:30pm

Junior Group (9-12) - 4:30-6pm

Gold Group (8-12) - 4:30-5:30pm

Silver Group (5-11) - 6-6:50pm


Saturday Morning Swim Practice Schedule

Senior & Junior - 7:15-8:45am

Gold & Silver - 8:45-9:30am


Meet Schedule - swim meet participation is based on swimmer ability, interest, and practice attendance

October 1 @ Greenburgh

October 14-15 @ Nyack or Valley Central

October 28 Ages 12 & under @ Tarrytown

November 5 Open Age Groups @ Lehman College

November 18-19 @ Brown (extra fee)


Kayaking @ Engel Waterfront Park 4-6:15pm - TBA - days of OHS varsity meets