New Swimmer Evaluations

Wed AM Evaluations are at One Loudoun

Tuesday PM Evaluations are at Claude Moore

Thursday PM Evaluations are at Dulles South


I am looking forward to you signing up for Evaluations for the 2021-2022 season with SNOW. A few things I want you to be aware of.

                1. The evaluations will be held at the One Loudoun outdoor pool. The name of that pool is The Club at One Loudoun. The address is 44605 Russel Branch Parkway, Ashburn VA 20147.

                2. When you come into the parking lot you can park on the right side of the building (facing the building from the street). We do not use the inside of the main building so please don't try to come inside the building.

                3. The pool is behind the building and you will be able to see it from the parking lot. You will see a staircase off of the parking lot leading down to the pool. We will be entering through the outdoor gate at the bottom of that staircase to get onto the pool deck.

                4. Again, please don't knock on the doors to the building, I am not inside and won't know you are there. Down the stairs and to the outdoor gate is how we will enter the pool deck.

                5. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled evaluation time so I can let you in and you can get ready. I am scheduling 15 minutes intervals for evaluations, so please be patient and courteous of other families and I will do my best to stay on the timeline.

                6. If you have more than one child you wish to sign up please either sign them up for the same time slot if they are of roughly equal age/ability, or different time slots if that isn't the case.

                7. As the summer goes on I will add additional time slots as needed for these evaluations. If everything is full please be patient as I will likely be adding more slots soon.

                8. If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me at [email protected]

Will my swimmer need to be evaluated?
All swimmers new to SNOW are required to go through evaluations to ensure they are ready for our program. This includes those interested in our Stroke Clinic, Summer League Prep, and Home School programs.

How long are evaluations?
We will run evaluations in groups of 1-5 swimmers. The swimming portion typically runs about 15-20 minutes, depending on the athletes' ability. Wait time to be evaluated may vary, depending on how many people are present. Please expect to be at the pool for at least 30 minutes. This includes time after the swim portion, so we can speak to families about swimmer group placement and program details.

What will my swimmer be asked to do?
Swimmers will need to be comfortable training in pool depths more than 10 feet, as both our Claude Moore and Ida Lee programs train in the deep end of the pool.
Swimmers will be asked to complete several pool lengths the following:

  • Freestyle (must be legal)
  • Backstroke (must be legal)
  • Breaststroke (must be legal)
  • Butterfly (must be legal)
  • Dive
  • Flip turn (Ages 9 & Over)
  • Kicking (with and without a kickboard)


When will I find out which program is best for my swimmer?
We will let you know immediately after the evaluation, and can also answer your questions about the program then.

What if my swimmer has competed previously with a USA Swimming team? Will they still need to be evaluated?
Potentially. Please reach out to Ross Hawks ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • Full swimmer name, age, and gender (We will be looking up their times in the SWIMS database)
  • Practices per week
  • Duration of practices per week, including dryland training
  • Average distance (yards or meters) per practice

If we find that the information you've provided is enough for us to accurately place your swimmer in one of our programs, they will not need to be evaluated.


Please read through all the above information before signing up:


Questions? Check out our FAQ page!
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