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Albany Armada Aquatics: How to Join

Albany Armada Aquatics is a year round competitive swim team at the Albany Aquatic Center. Founded in 2012 by Coach Helen Garcia & Coach Jesus Salcedo; the coaching staff also includes Coach Veronica Hernandez and Coach Dan McGarry. The Armada coaching staff has a wealth of professional coaching experience.  We offer 7 different skill level groups and take pride in developing young swimmers to their full potential. 

Our team motto: Developing Champions for life!

Our most beginner group is Mini Blue Group, the skills for this group are described below.  We offer tryouts throughout the year.  To schedule a tryout click on the link below to sign up for a tryout appointment, read on for more team information. 

Tryouts are scheduled by appointment only.  



***Important  Note***

We are currently full in most swim groups and there is a waiting list to join the team. You are still welcome to tryout, but please be advised your swimmer will likely be on a waiting list.


In the tryout we will ask your swimmer to swim one lap of each stroke and depending on their ability a lap of kick with a board. In between laps we will give them feedback and stroke corrections and ask them to apply the correction. We will finish it off with a dive or jump from the side. Let them know the skills we will ask them to perform are our way of determining their group placement and skill level. 


The stroke school meets 4 days a week M, T, TH, F at the Albany pool. We recommend at minimum 2 workouts per week, but encourage more. The more workouts your swimmer puts in, the more your swimmer will connect the skills and improve. Stroke school swimmers are expected to have knowledge of freestyle and backstroke and breaststroke kick. 

Freestyle: comfortably complete 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing.

Backstroke: comfortably complete 25 yards of backstroke with proper body position and kick.

Breaststroke: perform the kick with the proper feet position

Butterfly: perform the dolphin kick 


The BLUE Group swims 4 days a week M, T, TH, F at the Albany pool. The minimum amount of workouts required for this group is 3 days per week. Blue group swimmers are expected to know all 4 strokes: freestyle and backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly.

Freestyle: comfortably complete a 50 yards of freestyle with good side breathing & flip turn.

Backstroke: comfortably complete a 50 yards of backstroke with proper body position and kick

Breaststroke: comfortably complete a 25 yards of breaststroke with proper feet position

Butterfly : comfortably perform 25 yards of butterfly 

Dive: standing dive with a streamline position


The next group up is the YELLOW group and is designed to build on the skills learned in the Blue group. This group requires more experience, knowledge of all 4 strokes and dives. The Gold Group swims 5 days a week M- F at the Albany pool. The minimum amount of workouts required for this group is 3 days per week. 

Freestyle: comfortably complete a 100 of freestyle with good side breathing, body position and propulsive kick

Backstroke: comfortably complete a 100 of backstroke with proper body position, kick and timing of the arms.

Breaststroke: comfortably compete a 50 of breaststroke with legal and propulsive kick,  knowledge of the timing of the stroke.

Butterfly: comfortably compete a 50 yards of butterfly with a propulsive kick,  knowledge of the timing of the stroke.

Dive: competitive dive from race block

. For more information regarding our workout schedule you can review from this link,  Armada Workout Schedule.


  • For current workout times for each group click on "Schedules" tab and scroll down to Workout Schedule.

  • For more info regarding our fee structure you can review them from this link,  Armada fee structure

  • Once your swimmer has completed the tryout and assigned a group, you can register for the team online. Click on "Athlete Registration" tab and scroll down to "Register Now"

  • Click here to contact  Coach Helen with any additional questions.

  • Click here to sign up for a tryout appointment.