Lap Swim/Open Swim Schedule

As of now, we do not have any lap swim/open swim times available.  We hope to be able to bring this back in the future.

Please see below where you can find information.


Thank you for choosing the Carmel Aquatics Center for your swim lesson needs.  We have some exciting things coming in 2021.  We will be transitioning away from the name Carmel Aquatics Center to Carmel Swim Academy.  With the new name, comes a new website, news registration system, and new social media sites.  Our website is live and ready for you to take a look.  Our new social media pages are also up and running and ready for you to follow.  We will start using the new registration system with our first session of 2021 which runs January 4-30, this is why you will not see anything scheduled on this website after December.  Starting January 2, this website will be deactivated.  You will be able to start registering for January on Monday December 7th, BUT you can go ahead and create an account on our new system.  This new registration system will also bring an app into the mix which will allow easy registration from your phone and you will have access to all your swimmers reports.  We are excited about these upcoming changes and will keep you updates as we start the new process.


Facebook: Carmel Swim Academy

Instagram: carmelswimacademy

Twitter: @CarmelSwimAcad

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the directors.

Nicole Bills, Aquatics Director: [email protected]

Isaiah Huisman, Assistant Director: [email protected]