Providing swimming education appropriate for parents is an important part of the club's mission. The club has both a lending library and a Parents Education Program. There is also lots of material on the web. Finally, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask other parents. Someone will likely know the answer.

The  SWIM UTAH Parents Education Program exists to:

  • Improve parents understanding of their child’s sport
  • Communicate parental roles and responsibilities
  • Provide a regular forum for questions
  • Build the community of SWIM UTAH parents

Topics cover the needs of parents new to the team, parents new to the sport, and even parents with swimming and athletic backgrounds. Future dates and topics are found on the bulletin board at the pool and on the Events calender on the web site.



The club has swimming related material that can be checked out by parents and swimmers.


Some of the library items are owned by the club and some are individually owned. We thank the team families who have graciously agreed to loan items through the club. If you have any material that you are interested in loaning or donating to the club, contact the team librarian. Please email the club for specific material requests.


Below is information for new and existing parents culled from various swimming archives. The USA Swimming Parents site is also a good source of information. If you find something else of interest or have questions please let us know.