BY-LAWS (as of September 2013)


Organized and directed by professional swimming coaches, the TEXAS SENIOR CIRCUIT’s

primary objective is to provide a quality senior-level swimming program in order to insure the

best possible competition for all swimmers striving to compete in the USA Swimming National

and Sectional championships.

The TEXAS SENIOR CIRCUIT (TSC) seeks to provide the next level of competition above age group

swimming for those competitors seeking national-level achievement.



Any USA Swimming registered coach and athlete is eligible to join TSC.

The TSC Board will be determined annually at the Texas Swimming Association convention,

following the long course season. Coaches from the top five (5) scoring teams at Texas Senior

Circuit IV will automatically be invited to join the TSC Board, with 2 additional at-large

members selected by the new board.

The selection of at-large committee members, if any, will be determined by a vote of the Board.

The committee members will take office at the conclusion of the fall meeting of the TSC Board,

with the first order of business being to select a Chairman, Treasurer, Time Standards Chair, fill

any declined memberships and create any sub-committees deemed necessary.



All TSC competitors must be currently registered athlete members of USA Swimming.



A) The TSC will adopt a quadrennial schedule at the first meeting after the National Team

Head Coach – General Manager publishes the National Quad Plan.

B) A $150.00 bid fee for all TSC meets will be forwarded to the TSC treasurer at, or immediately

following, the annual TSC meeting at the last meet of the calendar year. If payment is not

received by the combined TSC/TSA fall meeting, the team will forfeit the meet, and the bid is

open to teams that have bid fee ready for payment at the combined TSC/TSA fall meeting. The

TSC Board will vote on which bid to accept for each scheduled meet.

C) Should a team be unable to meet the commitments of its bid, the meet shall be returned to the

Texas Senior Circuit and will be re-bid.

D) Each team entering a TSC Meet shall pay a $20.00 team surcharge. The meet host shall be responsible for collecting surcharges and sending them to the TSC treasurer.


A) The Chairman presides over all scheduled and unscheduled meetings, notifies the Board at

least 15 days in advance of any unscheduled meetings, and develops the agenda for all TSC

Board meetings.

B) The Secretary shall:

  • publish minutes of all TSC Board meetings;
  • electronically distribute notices of all upcoming meetings to the Board and members;
  • assist the Chair in preparation of agendas for all meetings;
  • revise the TSC by-laws, as directed by the TSC Board;
  • assist the Time Standards Chair in the publication and distribution of time standards;
  • research and complete reports for the TSC Board;
  • assist meet hosts in the development and proofreading of meet information, to ensure
  • compliance with all TSC rules, policies and procedures;
  • assist meet host in recruiting out-of-state/section teams;
  • prepare any contracts for approval by the TSC Board;
  • assist the TSC webmaster in the maintenance of the TSC webpage

C) The Treasurer receives bid fees for swim meets and meet surcharges form each meet host for deposit

into the TSC account. develops an annual budget to be presented to the TSC Board at the combined TSC/TSA fall

meeting.  The Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the Texas Senior Circuit is 30-0737228.

D) The Time Standards Chair monitors the demographics of Texas Swimming and prepares time

standards based on those demographics, meet participation history and desired meet size.

E) Athlete representatives from any Texas LSC participating in any TSC competition are

welcome to participate in any scheduled and unscheduled meeting of the TSC. The athlete(s) will

have a voice, not a vote, at all meetings.

F) The Meet Referee of each TSC meet will be invited to participate in any scheduled and

unscheduled meeting of the TSC. The Meet Referees will have a voice, not a vote, at each


VI. Upon dissolution, the net assets of TSC shall not inure to the benefit of any private individual, unincorporated organization or corporation, including any member, officer or director of TSC, but shall be distributed to USA Swimming, to be used exclusively for educational or charitable purposes. If USA Swimming is not then in existence, or is not then a corporation which is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and to which contributions, bequests and gifts are deductible under sections 170(c)(2), 2055(a)(2) and 2522(a)(2) of the IRS Code, the net assets of TSC shall be distributed to a corporation or other organization meeting those criteria and designated by the TSC Board of Directors at the time of dissolution, to be used exclusively for educational or charitable purposes.