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How do I tryout for the team?

We encourage each child and parent to observe one of our regular team practices, which are held Monday through Friday starting at 5:00 pm. Interested swimmers ages 6 through 18  must be able to swim 2 of the 4 competitive strokes across the pool (25 yards) and will be evaluated by our coaches. To schedule a tryout, please click here.


Do I need to complete any forms before the tryout?

No, forms are not necessary prior to tryouts. Upon assessment and placement by a coach, your registration forms must be completed. Click here for link to registration forms.


What is the practice schedule? How often should my child attend practice? 

  • The practice schedule varies by month depending on pool availability. 

Beginner: Swim practice is required 2-3x/week.


Intermediate: Swim practice is required 3-4x/week. 


Senior: Swim practice is required 5x/week.


Not Ready for the Swim Team Yet? Rainbow Aquatics has a Novice Swim Program,  available on 4x a week, March through October only. Swimmers must  be able to float on stomach and back for a minimum of 10 seconds and k ick unassisted for 15 feet. If you are interested, please click "Contact Us" and fill out the form. A response will be sent within 1-2 days. 


Click here to access registration forms for all groups (click link).