Hood Hammerheads

                           2018 Summer Swim Season


 Welcome to the Hood Hammerheads 28th season!  We are very excited for this season to begin!!!  Hopefully all your questions will be answered here.  If not, please feel free to email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

  Mission :
The Hood Hammerheads Swim Team mission is to provide ALL participants with an enjoyable experience, developing great sportsmanship, furthering competitive swimming skills, and cultivating special friendships and lifelong memories.
 Hood Parent Board: 
Alex Brown (Team Rep),

Laurie Larsson (Team Treasurer),

Jennifer Lolli-Hall (Team Activitites and Team Apparel),

Suneeta Rengen (Team Concessions Manager),

Stephen Lindell (Banquet Coordinator),

Michael Kokoski (Team IT)


Hood Coaches:  

Head Coaches - Mitchell Reynolds and Ashley Gardner

Assist.Coaches - Natalie Kucsan, Haleigh Seek, Calla Derr, Emma Lindell, Yahsh Garcia and Charles Bennici.

Jr. Coaches - 

Swimmers: We as coaches, ask that all swimmers be able to swim a length of the pool unassisted before joining the team. If you have a little one who can’t quite make it yet, we suggest our Hammerhead Pups Pre-team program. 


Registratiion begins April 1, and will have to close the registration on June 22.  

All swimmers must be registered and paid for by this date or they may not swim in the league this season . Registration will be online on our Team Unify Website (payment will be sent to the Team Treasurer or handed in at the first practice your swimmer(s) attend.  We do have a trial period of one week (we will refund your registration cost except the non-refundable insurance cost.) 


Competitive team:

$100 per child/$90 for each additional family member.

Hammerhead Pups Pre-Team-

$110 per child for the 5 week session

 The Hammerheads will be charging $10 per swimmer for the first 3 swimmers and a maximum of $30 per family, to provide insurance for the team (this fee is included in the Pups cost).  This is a non-refundable fee.

2018 Practice Schedule: 

Competitive Team:  Pre-season weekend practice dates: 

May 20 from 3-5pm 
May 26, 27 from 3-5pm 
June 2,3 from 3-5pm
June 9,10 from 3-5pm 

Hammerheads Competitive Team Summer Schedule will begin at the Hood pool once the Frederick County Public Schools are closed for students. This year, morning practice will begin on Monday, June 18.

Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The first hour of practice is for our 12 & Unders and the second hour is for our 13& Up swimmers. 

Note: This may change depending on the amount of swimmers registered in each age group hour. Our younger age group was very large last year, and we may need to move an age group to the 2nd hour if the same is true this year.


Also to note: If you have children in 2 different age groups/practice times (competitive team) and need them to swim at the same time, let the coaches know and they will make every effort to work that out for you. (This does not include Pups)  

Hammerhead Pups Practice Schedule:

Pups will begin Monday June 18 at 10:30 to 11:15 Monday through Thursdays.

Interested swimmers will be evaluated by the Coach during a swimming skills assessment & registration session on our first day of Pups practice on June 18th to determine appropriateness of participation.

2018 Meet Schedule:

June 16 - Hood vs Holly Hills  (Away)

June 23 - Hood vs Mt Airy  (Away)

June 30 - Hood vs Villages of Urbana (Home)

July  07 -  BYE Week (No meet)

July  14 - Hood vs Dearbought (Home)

July  21- Divisional Meet @ Villages of Urbana

July  28 - FSSL All Star Meet @ TBD 

Other dates to note :

Last day to register                    June 22

Picture Day                                 June 25 during practice

Ida Lee Water Park days               TBA

Pep rallys                                      (Details coming!)

Banquet                                          July 22nd  5-9pm


Suits and team apparel:    

Once logged into our website, you can view the Team Apparel tab for all suit information!


The Hammerhead Swim Team is run by many volunteers.  In order to make it a fun and successful season, we require that each family volunteer for at minimum, four meets during the season.   If you will not be able to attend 4 meets, we still need the volunteer time filled. That can be done by volunteering a whole meet one or two times to help meet your requirements.

Volunteer duties include, but are not limited to: Timing, Stroke & Turn judging (see below), Clerk of course (getting kids to the seating area), concessions, ribbons and set up and tear down of tents and pool deck area and more!.  You will be able to sign up electronically on our Team Unify website.   


Stroke and Turn Training:

If you are interested, and we really need your help, you can volunteer as a Stroke & Turn official or Starter. It is mandatory you attend one, 2 hour clinic to be able to officiate a meet (returning judges from the 2016 season must attend one of the refresher sessions or any new trainings).  You need only attend one of the sessions offered.

 FSSL Mandatory Annual Official's Trainingfor ALL New and Returning FSSL Officials :
 We will announce the training schedule as soon as it is finalized. 

Things to know once you have registered your swimmers online with us:

The Hammerheads work off of Team Unify (TU).  TU allows you to sign your swimmers up for specific meets (declaring their attendance) and to sign up for your volunteer responsibilities.  Note that you will not choose the events that your child will swim in, the coaches will handle that.


Entering your swimmer(s) for meets:

Swimmers will be signed up (or "declared") for meets (by you) on our Team Unify website (if you are unfamiliar with Team Unify, directions will be sent out to guide you).

Swimmers must be "declared" for the meets by Tuesday afternoon to be entered in the following Saturdays meet.  Swimmers should only be "declared" if you know the swimmer will attend the meet. (The team will be penalized if the swimmer is entered into events and doesn’t show.)  Of course we know you can't anticipate illnesses, but if your child does fall ill, or if for any reason they cannot make a meet they are "declared" for, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can adjust our line up if need be.

Swim meet attendance/ Divisional and All Star Meet requirements:

We have 4 regular meets, 1 Divisional meet and an All Star Meet (invitational meet with time requirements).  Our first and last meets are Out of Division meets (not scored and no points are awarded to the team towards our Divisional standings. Ribbons are awarded.)  These are good meets to miss if you have to miss one.  Our meets on June 23 and June 30 are both In Division meets and are important meets for ALL of our swimmers to attend.  We expect our registered swimmers to attend our meets. 

Divisional Meet: To be entered into the Divisional Meet, swimmers must have participated in at least 2 Regular season Meets to swim for points for the team. Exception: Swimmers can swim at this meet as an Exhibition Swimmer for All Star times as long as they have competed at one regular meet.  (This would also give that swimmer the second meet for the meet attendance requirement for All Stars.)

 All Star Meet: This meet has a 2 Meet attendance requirement as well as an Event Time Requirement. If swimmers meet both requirements, they are invited to swim in this meet that includes all 14 teams in our League.



Looking forward to another great season!   GOooooooooooooo Hammerheads!