Team Handbook


Shady Lane Swim Club

Swim and Dive Team Handbook


Shady Lane Swim club proudly provides the children of our members with the opportunity to participate in swim and dive team.  Through daily workouts, our children will move forward on the path to physical fitness, high self-esteem, increased self discipline and responsibility.  Summer club swimming and diving can be the beginning of continued year round swimming.  However, for the majority of our team members it is simply the basis for a healthful and fun summer.  Whatever the reason, we are glad your child chose to be a member of the team!


As is true with any team sport, communication between swimmers, divers, parents and coaches is very important.  Problems can be minimized if all work together to make the swim team a positive and fun experience.  If you have any questions or problems, please talk with the coaches or team representative.



Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible.  We know families plan trips and camps over summer break and that is fine.  However, the more practice a swimmer has, the more advanced the swimmer will become.

Friday Practice- On Fridays, we have donuts and milk or orange juice for the swimmers.  This is also when they get their ribbons from the meet the night before.  We ask each family to contribute $10/family for donuts.



Shady Lane participates in the Private Pool Swim League (PPSL).  Our meet schedule is attached. Dive meets begin at  3 PM.  Swim home meets begin at 6 PM and away meets begin at 7 PM.  Warm up times will be posted.  Generally, warm ups for home meets are at 5:30 and away meets are 6 PM.

Per PPSL rules, each swimmer is allowed to swim 2 individual events and 2 relays.  PPSL rules allow for one competition heat and as many exhibition heats as needed.  The difference between the 2 are points scored.  A team cannot score points on exhibition heats.  Personal best times determine who swims competition and who swims exhibition heats.  A swimmer has the ability to move into competition heats with hard work and fast swims.  Times are evaluated after each meet.  Relays are determined by individual best times.  The A relay will consist of the 4 fastest times.  The B relay the next 4 and so on.  Swimmers absolutely have the opportunity to earn a spot on a higher relay if their times improve.

We ask that parents not treat exhibition events any different than competition events.  We want swimming to be a positive experience regardless of which heat they are in.   At home meets, we can only have 2 swimmers in competition heats.  Some great swimmers end up in exhibition.  A great swim is a great swim, regardless of the heat.  10 and under swimmers will receive ribbons for exhibition heats.


After home meets we will have pizza for sale for our swimmers and families.  We will arrange a gathering point for after away meets.





PPSL offers two finals – A and B finals.   Each team is allowed to send 2 swimmers per event, age group and gender  to A finals.  For instance, we can send two 8 and under girls for 25 meter freestyle and two 8 and under boys.  This is true for every event.  As with the meets, each swimmer is allowed to swim 2 individual events and 2 relays.  A finals consist of prelims and finals.  The top 16 swimmers in each event at prelims qualify to come back and swim at finals.

B finals are held for all swimmers who do not qualify for A finals.  Once again each swimmer can swim 2 individual and 2 relays.  B finals are a great opportunity for the swimmers who have swam exhibition all year.  This is the opportunity to place in the top 8!

Each family will be notified as to which finals their swimmer will attend.


Meet sign up

Each family is responsible to sign their swimmer up for meets.  Please go to to register for meets.  Swimmers must be signed up by the Sunday before the meet at 9PM.  This gives the coaches ample time to set the line up.  Parents are also able to pick which events their swimmer will swim.  The rules as to competition and exhibition heat still exist.  Parents should also check if their swimmer is available for relays.  We have a large team and this will cut down on confusion as to who is available to swim which meets.


Parent Volunteers

As with any sport, parents help to make the meets run smooth.  When we welcome other clubs to our pool, we want to have meets run with ease and make the opposing team feel welcome.  Each family is required to work half of a meet for 3 meets.  A list of job responsibilities will be posted and sign ups will be at our team website.  It is very important for each family to work the correct number of shifts.  Please don’t make us track workers down.  We will also ask families to sign up to bring baked goods, buns, condiments and the like to meets.  We appreciate all you do to help our meets run smoothly!


Family Banquet


The team will host a family banquet the Monday after finals.  We ask $25 for each family attending.  We will celebrate every swimmer on the team.  Swimmers receive their ribbons from finals and each 12 and under swimmer receives a trophy.  13 and over swimmers also receive a gift.  We also hand out two awards per age group and gender.  The first award is the Stingray Award.  The Stingray Award is given to the swimmer who is a great team player, works hard, encourages their team mates and tries new events.  A Most Improved Swimmer award is also given to a swimmer in each age group/gender.  This is based on the overall improvement from the beginning of the season to the end.  The coaches determine the winners of the awards.   During the banquet, the pool is closed to non swim team members.   We have open swim for the team as well.  This is a fun night for the team!





Head coach – Johnny Wohlfrom

Assistant coach – Nick Wasserbauer

Assistant coach – Sydney

Assistant coach -- 

Dive coach – Sydney

Swim team reps – Terri Murray, Julie Pressler