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Glossary of common swimming terms:    /ianis/UserFiles/File/Glossary.docx

Meet Travel Policy
It is the policy of the North Iowa Splash that all swimmer attending meets will need to arrange their own travel and lodging to the event.  

Meet Entry and Meet Fee Policy
Swimmers planning on attending swim meets will need to sign up through the NIS website, found under the EVENTS tab.  Swimmers will declare what days/sessions they plan on attending during the meet.  Swimmers may choose events they wish to swim, but the coaching staff will have the final say in what the final event list will loook like.  The coaching staff may want to see your swimmer participate in an event they may not have swam yet.  Families will be billed for events and one quarter of any relay costs they are in.  Invoices for meet fees are generated on the first of each month, and be paid for by the debit or credit card families have on file.

Club Dues Refund Policy
This is for families that have swimmers who leave the club for any reason during the year.  If a family is paying club dues by the month, they will need to contact Coach Eric before the end of the month BEFORE they wish to not be billed for.  Since dues invoices are generated on the first of each month, payment will be made on the first.  For simplicity sake, if your swimmer participates in practice one day of the month, the automatic withdrawl will not be ended until the following month.  For families that have paid the full season dues, and wish for a refund.  The refund will be the amount of thier dues amount, less the number of months they are participated.  Coach Eric will need to be notified BEFORE the end of the month in which your membership will end.  A refund or stop in the monthly dues will only happen for swimmers that are leaving the team for the remainder of the season.  If your swimmer is in another activity for month, and you wish to not pay for that month - this policy does not pertain to you - and there is no policy for this situation.  Payments will continue, and no refunds will be issued.

USA Swimming Registrations are non-refundable.