Swim Gear
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Swim Equipment you may want to purchase for your swimmer:

Pull Buoys, Hand Paddles and kick boards are provided at practice, however many swimmers prefer their own. It is particularly helpful to have your own flippers (fins). 

For Practice: Swimmers should wear -
For girls, a 1 piece suit, goggles and swim cap.
For boys, a jammer-style swim suit, goggles and a cap if hair is longer.

Both: A Water bottle to drink from during practice.

It is good to have separate suits and caps for practice to save team suits and caps for meets. 

Coach Recommendations:

Fins - medium-sized blades preferred. We use fins primarily as assisted swimming during practice.   

SUGGESTED BRANDS: TYR Cross Blade,   TYR Flex Flippers.   or Sporti Essential Floating Fins (Swim Outlet)

Some swimmers prefer to have. their own pull buoy - Prices and styles vary.    Swimmers use these to focus on upper body development and arm stroke mechanics. 

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