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Please note: At the end of every calendar year, all CAC club records will be run and posted under Reocrds on our website no later than the start of the Winter competitive session. CAC records posted in the glass cases at the pool will be updated three time a year after each competitive session (Winter, Summer, Fall) in as timely a mannaer as possible, but no later than the start of the next competitive session. 

CAC Records_SCY_Female_Top Times

CAC Records_SCY_Female_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_LCM_Female_Top Times

CAC Records_LCM_Female_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_Relay_SCY_Female_Top Times

CAC Records_Relay_SCY_Female_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_SCY_Male_Top Times

CAC Records_SCY_Male_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_LCM_Male_Top Times

CAC Records_LCM_Male_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_Relay_SCY_Male_Top Times

CAC Records_Relay_SCY_Male_Top 10 Times

CAC Records_Relay_LCM_Male_Top Times