Our son had the privilege of being coached by Fabio Amorim on his team over the course of several months. Coach Fabio is extremely knowledgeable and is a great motivator and educator.  His emphasis on proper stroke technique, proper breathing technique, and most importantly how to be both fast and efficient in the water was refreshing. You simply can't learn the fundamentals of a good swim stroke on your own and finding a great teacher is a critical step in that process.

I think what sets Coach Fabio apart from other coaches is his ability to work with all kinds of personalities.  Our son is very strong willed and stubborn and Fabio was able to find a way to successfully work around those traits and help our son excel in the sport of swimming.  Fabio is also a great listener and connects not only with children but parents alike. 

 If it not for Fabio moving south, we would have continued working with him.  We wish Fabio well in his new endeavor and look forward to hearing about his new team!


Elise Quellette

Westford MA





My name is Sam Su. I met Coach Fabio at the pool in January 2014. His daughter and my daughter practiced in the same pool. Since late of 2013, I had been looking for a private swimming coach for my daughter because her skills had not been improved for quite long time. One day when I sat in their swim practice, one girl immediately caught my eyes because her skills are so much better than the rest of the group. She is Coach Fabio’s daughter and she had been trained by her father.

The day after their first club swim meet. I met Coach Fabio at the pool deck and asked if he wanted to teach my daughter, Carah.

He kindly offered his helps. Carah trained with Coach Fabio for 3 weeks and competed for the NE Regional Championship. Her times

dropped dramatically. Among her times, 200 yards Free Style dropped 23 seconds, 100 Free dropped 8 seconds and everything else at least dropped 2 seconds.

Starting from the long course season, Carah trained with Coach Fabio full time for next 3 months. At the end of season, she made several NE Age Group Championship cuts and everything had huge improvements, especially the skills. As parents, we could not be happier. We strongly recommend Coach Fabio to all swimmers because:

    1    He loves this sports, passionate it, and commit himself in such a wonderful sports;

    2    He has the ultimate knowledge in swimming: techniques, training methods and nutrition;

    3    He is kind, humble, responsible and encouraging;

    4    He exemplifies what the swim coaching all about;

    5    Lastly,  himself not only a champion, but also the coach that is ready for the champions.

  My daughter will miss him and we all will miss him. We wish his future endeavor in Florida fruitful and leads to many champions.


Sam Su

Chelmsford, MA 1/6/2015




Coach Fabio was recommended to us by a few folks who knew him from a private swim club.  We’ve heard nothing but great things about him from people who knew him and have seen him coach his own athletes, so we decided to give it a try as our son really wanted to improve his times and make some of the swim competition cuts.

I must say, this was the best decision we’ve made!  Coach Fabio is a fantastic coach, watching him from the sideline, you can tell how much he cares about each and every swimmer and how passionate he is about swimming.  He is very involved with all the swimmers, he cares about improving their times, he studies all of their moves, knows exactly when they are not doing the stroke correctly and works with them to get the technique just right.  As a parent you know that you can tell your child a 100 times to do something, and yet, they still don’t do it.  Coach Fabio is very patient and works hard with each swimmer to get the stroke right, patience is not something he lacks, that’s for sure!  I love the fact that he’s very involved in technique, you need to get the stroke right otherwise you will not improve your time.  At home, we preach about insanity, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  This is where coach Fabio stepped in, he pulled my son out of the water and worked with him on improving his skills/techniques that have never been addressed in the past.  I must say, in a very short period of time, my son’s technique had improved tremendously and as a result, he cut all of his times which was very impressive!  

I recommend Coach Fabio to anyone.   He’s a first class coach, smart, patient, clear, kind, engaged, encouraging, but also firm when he needs to be.  My son is a better and faster swimmer because of Coach Fabio.  


Romana Abraham

Chelmsford MA