Team Records and Recognitions

Short Course Records - update 5-13-19

Long Course Records - update 9-19-19

Every 4 years, the biggest meet in the US comes around (with the exception of when the actual Olympics are hosted in the US). This is the USA Swimming Olympic Trials. This represents approximately the top 1/2 of 1% of the USA swimming members in the US. CAST is proud to have a team which develops swimmers to this level. Here is a list of swimmers from CAST who have competed in Olympic Trials.

USA Swimming club excellence recognition.

At CAST we recognize that the joy of competitive swimming and the experiences that it brings is something that can go on for many years. We try to develop swimmers so they'll not only be succesful as young age groupers, but also in a manner that promotes a high percentage of them to continue swimming beyond their high school years. Here is a list of CAST swimmers who have swum beyond their high school years (since 2003).