Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where do I park?

A: Lot B

Q: What to expect on the first day of class?

A: Parents should have their swimmers line up on the benches on the pool deck as they wait for their class to begin. Instructors will call out levels and ensure all swimmers get to the correct class. Once participants are with the instructors all Parents will need to move to the Glass Commons viewing area or to the pool balcony, as they are not permitted to stay on deck.

Q: Will my child be evaluated on the first day of class?

A: On the first day of class instructors will call out the names on their rosters and do a quick introduction and rule review with the participants. Once they are ready to get in the water the instructor will start the class with do a prerequisites test for their level to ensure each participant is in the correct level. 

Q: What levels do you offer at each class?

A: Patriot Aquatic Club Swim Lessons offers 6 different levels. The levels start at beginner level and up to advanced stroke refinement levels. 

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio?

A: For levels 1 - 2 we keep a 4:1 ratio and for levels 3-6 we keep a 6:1 ratio. 

Q: Who will teach PAC classes?

A: Each instructor has been trained on site and goes through regular trainings and updates. All levels have lesson plans provided so no matter what time or instructor is teaching the level they should all progress at the same speed and cover all the same material.

Q: Can I request a specific instructor?

A: No. For group lessons assignments come down to instructor availability and what each instructors strongest level is. For privates you are allowed to request an instructor and if they are available they will be assigned to your registration.  

Q: What equipment does my child need for lessons?

A: Your child only needs to bring a swimsuit, towel & goggles. Girls also need some sort of hair tie to keep their hair out of their face. Caps are strongly encouraged. 

Q: Can I observe lessons?

A: Every day is observation day! Parents may only observe lessons from the Glass Commons viewing area or the pool balcony. 

Q: Can I bring my son/daughter into a locker room of the opposite gender?

A: Children age 6 and under may go in the same the opposite gender locker rooms with their parent/guardian. For children older than 6 that are in need of assistance changing and cannot go in the locker room with a parent or guardian please see the deck supervisor about using the office changing room.

Q: Is a parent allowed to use the pool locker room for their personal use?

A: No Parents are not allowed to use the pool locker rooms for their personal use due to the concerns for the safety of the children participating in the program.

Q: Can I make up missed classes?

A: We do not offer or allow additional makeup classes. If we cancel a class for some unforeseen reason, there will be a makeup date scheduled if time allows.

Q: Can I get a refund for my class?

A:  Cancellation and Refund Policy:    You may cancel a class anytime without penalty up until a week before the class begins. Cancellations withing 3 days of the class start date will be subject to a $5 processing fee.  If you wish to cancel a class after the class has begun, no refund will be given.  No makeup classes are allowed for a missed class.  Refunds will only be given for missed classes in the event that we are not able to conduct the lessons safely or effectively due to an issue with our facility and a make-up day is not offered.