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Below is information regarding team gear and what swimmers will need for practice and meets. 

This year we will be having a team swim suit.  We have selected a suit that is available on Swim Outlet at a very reasonable price for both the boys and the girls.  We encourage swimmers to get this suit for swim meets only and use a different suit for practice so that their team suit does not wear out on them.  You can check out the suit and ordering here: 

Swim Outlet - KATS Store

It is the  Sporti Light Wave Thin Strap (Product: 23224) or the Sportil Light Wave Piped Splice Jammer (Product: 23267) in Yellow and Black.  Swim Outlet has the best prices, but you are free to purchase from any vendor.  You can access Swim Outlet via our page and a portion of what you spend will be donated back to KATS.  

In the past we have done a team order and have been left with suits that either don't fit or that did not sell, so we are trying to be cost effective in having everyone order their own suit.  

KATS Team Shirts and Sweatshirts are available for purchase through our team site with Universal Athletics.  You can order, pay, and then pick up the shirts/sweatshirts directly with Universal.  We will be offering dry fit shirts-and will open specific ordering times for those items based upon requests.  The link for the team site with Universal is:

Lastly-swimmers need gear!  They need their own set of goggles and a cap for the girls is useful for practice.  In addition, equipping them with a water bottle for practice is always good to keep them hydrated.  If you don't have these you can also order them from swim outlet or  Sportsmans's and the Summit  carry goggles.  As swimmers progress they will eventually need more gear and Coach will let you know as your swimmer moves up in levels.  For our higher level swimmers, gear often consists of snorkels, fins, paddles, pull  bouys, and a gear bag.