Swim Programs




RIPPLES "Learn to Swim" PROGRAM (5 yrs old and up)

So what exactly is RIPPLES? Well, it means that your child is enrolled in a program that does not compete at regular sanctioned swim meets like our competitive program. Our RIPPLES program starts with children young as 5 years old, and we start teaching them how to swim at that age.

As they progress they will move up into more challenging groups and may require them to swim more often and for a longer period of time. Additionally, please do not get discourage if your child doesn’t change groups every session, as our program differs from the Red Cross.

The Winnipeg Wave Swim Club is apart of Swimming / Natation Canada has developed a program that teaches children the basics of the four swimming strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. As well, swimmers are introduced to swimming starts, turns competitive swim etiquette.

For further details and the cost of our our RIPPLES programs please click on the individual RIPPLES Program links in the Swim Programs tab at the top.


The WAVE Competitive Program is for swimmers aged 8 years old and up and is divided into five groups with a maximum of 14 swimmers per group:

  1. Novice Competitive
  2. Developmental Competitive
  3. Junior Competitive
  4. Senior Competitive

Competitive swimmers compete at local and out-of-town swim meets. In some cases, swimmers will compete at provincial level and out-of-province/national level meets. 

Dryland and swim practices are held three to nine times per week, depending on which competitive group the swimmer is in. Under the direction of Competitive Coaching staff, swimmers strive to improve their technique, speed and endurance.

For further details on our COMPETITIVE program, click on the COMPETITIVE Program link in the Swim Programs tab at the top.