Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between the Premier and Premier+ Ad Plan
Both plans deliver identical ad placement and program benefits as described in the Ad Plans Section to the left.Premier plus includes a significant commitment on the part of our team, called Sponsor Support Event, to bring our members to your place of business on two separate days to purchase goods from you.The Sponsor Support Event is ideally suited for restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations and is guaranteed to bring you revenue to offset and very likely to exceed your premier+ sponsorship purchase.

Can I upgrade from a Plus to Premier Sponsorship?
Yes, as long as there are Premier Sponsor Ad slots available for the team you are sponsoring, you can upgrade at anytime by logging into your private Ad Management Account to initiate your upgrade.

Is it possible to purchase additional Premier Ads on more than one Team website?
Yes. When you register, you will have the ability to individually select and purchase available Premier Ad slots for more than one team within your local area.

How do my Premier or Plus Ads Show Up on the other team's websites?
Your ad will be displayed on the Sponsor Landing Page, as a Plus Ad, on every team's website within the local region where your business is located. These other teams' members and visitors will now have access to your Sponsor Ad, delivering broader reach and visibility.

How do I renew when my one-year commitment is up?
Your sponsor commitment will auto-renew unless you cancel your commitment prior to the one-year anniversary date.You will receive an automated email notification 30 days prior to your anniversary date.

What is the one-year anniversary date?
365 days after you complete the registration process and your credit card has been charged,this day will be your anniversary date. If you purchase additional Premier Ad slots anytime after yourinitial Premier Ad purchase, this date will establish your new anniversary date.This date will be visible within your Ad Management Account.

Are there any limits to the changes I can make to my ads and offers?
Absolutely not. You can make changes at anytime, in real-time, as often as you like from your private Ad Management Account.

What is the TeamUnify Ad Network?
TeamUnify is a fast growing technology company specializing in helping athletic teams better manage themselves with software that is accessed via the Internet. All of the teams are "connected" together which enables your ads to be easily delivered to all teams served by TeamUnify, delivering unprecedented reach.