Swim Practice Questions:

  1. What strokes do my swimmers need to know to be competitive?
    1. Swimmers will need to learn and know the four main strokes to compete in swimming:
      1. Freestyle
      2. Backstroke
      3. Breaststroke
      4. Butterfly


  1. How do I know which training group is right for my swimmer?
    1. Returning swimmers must have coach’s approval before changing practice groups. New swimmers should attend a two-week free trial where they will then be placed in one of the five practice groups. The coaches will narrow down their choices by selecting a new swimmers group by looking at the Group Descriptions. Coaches will always make the final group placement decisions. For a coach-to-parent discussion of your swimmer’s needs please stop by a practice or contact the coach by email.


  1. When and where are practices for my swimmer?
    1. The Practice Schedule page shows the practice times and locations for all training groups. Also you can check the Practice Calendar for up-to-date information regarding practice schedule changes.


  1. Can I stay at the pool and watch my swimmer’s practice?
    1. Yes, a parent can stay at the pool to watch practice. We understand a parent’s desire to see their child learn to swim. For ALL parents we ask that you stay sitting in the spectator area to watch your swimmer’s practice. However, we respectfully request that you do not interfere with the practice session being given and remain a bystander. The coaches know the best way to instruct the swimmers and parental guidance is not necessarily during this time. We also ask that you do not engage in conversation with the coaches unless it is an emergency since they are busy helping the swimmers.


  1. How will I know about sudden and long term practice changes?
    1. If practice is going to change at the last minute, we will always send out an email as soon as the decision is made. We will also put it up on the practice calendar online as soon as possible so all families can see it.
    2. If practice is going to change in the longer term, it will be announced I in a weekly or monthly email and be fixed on the practice calendar on the website. We will also notify the swimmers at practice numerous times to make them aware of the practice changes as well.


  1. What is expected from our swimmers during practice?
    1. Each individual coach will have his/her own expectations, which you can speak to your child’s coach about. However, we have a few universal things we expect from our swimmers. We expect them to demonstrate respectful behavior towards other swimmers and the coaches at all times via their listening skills, tone of voice, and the language they use. We also expect all swimmers to respect the pool, the equipment, and the facility. Finally, we expect our swimmers to understand the Sioux Falls Swim Team Code of Conduct  and USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct.


  1. How many times per week would you like to see my swimmer at practice?
    1. The number of practices your swimmer should attend depends on the group in which your child participates. Please look at the Group Descriptions to see the recommended number of practices for your swimmer.


  1. Can my swimmer use the locker rooms after practice?
    1. Swimmers may use the locker rooms to shower and change after practice. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that parents of children 10 and under are aware of what their children are doing in the locker room. This recommendation is related to both appropriate behavior in the locker room as well as child safety.