Social Events

Social Events:

  1. How do I find out about team social events?
    1. As social events are being prepared for the team, the Board will email the team with information relating to each event. Usually the Board and Coaches will notify the team at least two weeks in advance if not more.


  1. What kind of social events are expected?
    1. Sioux Falls Swim Team will have a variety of Social Events during the season:
      1. New Parent Orientation
      2. Festival of Lights Parade
      3. 4th of July Parade
      4. Christmas Party
      5. Pre-Champs Pasta Feed
      6. Ice Cream Social
      7. Awards Banquet


  1. How do we sign up for these events?
    1. Event sign-ups will be made available on the website and an email notification will be sent out with further details about the event. To sign up, log into your account on the website and locate the event sign-up under the “Meets/Events” tab and commitment how many family members who will be attending.


  1. Is there an additional fee for events?
    1. For some of the events there is a fee to offset the costs but it will be announced ahead of time.


  1. What is the Award’s Banquet?
    1. The Award’s Banquet is the end of season celebration of all the swimmer’s efforts and accomplishments during the season. It is what all the swimmers look forward to as they say goodbye to their coaches and swimming friends until the next season. A desert line is available to all. Each practice group is brought up to the stage for recognition as a group and awards are presented to each individual member. Seniors are honored with all of their achievements and are wished good luck as they take the next step in life and head towards college. A video highlights all the awesome photographs of the swimmers throughout the season. It is a fun celebration to show everyone how successful and amazing our team is!