Apparel/Equipment Questions:

  1. What training equipment does my swimmer need?
    1. Look at the Team Store button for a link to a list of workout equipment that your swimmer will need. We recommend that all swimmers wear Sioux Falls Swim Team Swim Caps while at practice. We do this so ALL swimmers become part of a team and not remain an individual. If you are new, there is a grace period. Team suits are not required at practice.


  1. How do I purchase a swim cap? 

Swim caps can be purchased from a coach. The silicone caps are $5.00 and the latex caps are $10.00. New swimmers to the team will receive a free cap.


  1. Where do I go to get equipment and apparel for my swimmer?
    1. For suits and training equipment, swimmers can go to the Team Store link on our Home Page.  There are packages listing what is needed for each training group.  Local options for swim equipment include Scheel's and Dakota Sports.


  1. What is spirit wear and how does it work?
    1. Spirit Wear is offered intermittenly with purchases of t-shirts, caps, etc.   There is a Team Store button.  


  1. Are team suits required at swim meets?
    1. Team suits are NOT required at swim meets. It is highly encouraged that all swimmers either compete in the team suit or a plain blue suit to go with our team colors.