Forward Meet Results
  • Submit Final Meet Results to MVS

  • All Clubs holding an MVS sanctioned meet MUST forward their meet results ot the MVS Records Chair for inclusion in the SWIMS database and to the webmaster for posting. This form sends these files to both.

    Three (3) files are required. 1) Meet Manager backup file; 2) Team Manager results file; and 3) a flat HTML results file for viewing on the website. Use the following steps to properly generate a flat HTML file:

    From the Meet Manager main screen:
    1) click on 'Reports' and select 'Results';
    2) in the Results screen click 'All' in the sessions list;
    3) click 'Select All' in the top left corner;
    4) select 'Flat HTML' in the Report type box in the bottom left hand corner;
    5) click 'Create Report';
    6) choose a file name and folder to save the file;
    7) attach this file to the form below.

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  • Please note that you MUST have a sanction number included in your meet information

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